Thursday, March 11, 2010

hippie baby

so the other night, addison had these pants on that have a drawstring. it came untied, and she started playing with it, and soon she had pulled it out of her pants.

she kept playing with it, and then she handed it to me. and what did i do??

i think she looks like a hippie. a cute hippie, of course!

even though i didn't get her in the whole picture, i still thought it was cute!

her hippie stage didn't last long, which is a good thing i guess :)

the she walked over to me and started to chew the arm of the chair.

teething at it's finest!

doesn't she have the prettiest blue eyes?? i'm jealous.


Jenn said...

Her eyes are GORGEOUS! I'm jealous too! And she is the most adorable hippie I've ever seen ;)

Summer said...

Her eyes are gorg! Oh and she makes the cutest hippie I've ever seen :0)

Have a Happy Thursday friend
Summer :0)

Summer said...

Hey Bailey,
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Your a doll!

The hubs and I went to get the Canon Rebel like you suggested and um they were sold out everywhere! Uggg....So we ended up with a Nikon D3000 which was a little more pricey but we LOVE it....The hubs has it on auto focus and stuff for me because it has a gazillion buttons and I feel like the mommarazzi clicking....LOL the other day it was sooo fast I had it on the wrong setting and I accidently took like 50 pictures was Ha-larious....The hubs has it fixed or dummy proofed for me right now!
That one pic was the only one I have put on my blog with the new camera....I will be adding more soon! Have a fab weekend friend
Summer :0)