Thursday, September 30, 2010

wee bit wednesdays...a day late

well, today is not wednesday. obviously. so it's just wee bit wednesdays, a day late.

{one} what is your biggest pet peeve?
hmmmm. people wearing clothes that are too small/adults dressing like they're teenagers. does that count as a pet peeve?

{two} what is your favorite dessert?
brownies and ice cream. and key lime pie. not together, of course.

{three} what is the first thing you notice about people?
i usually notice their facial features (eyes, nose, etc.) first. i think.

{four} are you usually late, early or right on time?
as much as i'd love to say early, i'm usually late. i've been trying to work on it, but now having to get addison ready too, i'm not doing so well. maybe one day!

{five} have you ever fired a gun?

{six} are you right-handed or left-handed?

{seven} which do you prefer: coke or pepsi?
definitely coke. i hate pepsi.

{eight} do you dance crazy when no one is looking?
haha. yes. and sometimes in the car, so people may be looking then.

{nine} what’s your favorite movie snack?
popcorn. but looks like i won't be having that for a while now that i have braces. boo.

{ten} do you scream on roller coasters?
sometimes. although i haven't been on a roller coaster in years. it's not a scared scream. more like an exciting/laughing scream.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


a few weeks ago my mom had to pick up her coworkers kids (big p and little p) from school and bring them home to play for a little while. their mom was working late so my mom volunteered. and they love addison.

they are older than addison, but she still loves playing with them. they are the ones she played with at the pool.

big p and little p tried to pick addison up and carry her, but addison is a little dense.

big p was able to hold her for a few minutes. addison looks so big. she didn't really know what to think about it though.

addison has become obsessed with her car lately. she'll pile in her purse and baby and try to go for a ride. but she can't go forward. she only goes back.

big p and little p decided to push her around the house. little p did it for a long time, and addison had a blast.

we're going to plan more playdates with big p and little p. they all had a bunch of fun!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

just give me a poncho and call me ugly bailey

any ideas? any?

think ugly betty.

yup, i got braces.


here's the story. i had braces in elementary and middle school. after that, i had a retainer. hmmm. wonder what happened?

that's right. i committed the cardinal sin and didn't wear my retainer. and my bottom teeth are effed up. like nasty crooked. i've been putting off going and having it checked out, but i finally did. i was hoping they'd just say i needed a retainer, but no. braces it is. i kind of wanted to cry. or run out of the office and never look back. but i didn't. i put on my big girl panties and dealt with it. i don't want messed up teeth the rest of my life. i don't want dental problems later in life.

they did tell me that if had waited another 5-10 years before i addressed the bottom teeth issue that they would have had to remove a tooth to make room to straighten out my teeth. and i'd rather get them now than have them the same time as addison does (if she has to have them). mother/daughter braces aren't cool.

i don't think it will be that bad. i mean, it's just the bottom. you can't really even see my bottom teeth. well then why am i getting them fixed??. great question! cause i want my teeth to be pretty, even if you don't see them all the time.

the braces will be on for 7-12 months. i'm shooting for the 7.

on top of the braces, i have to get a retainer for my top teeth. but i only have to wear that at night, so i'm cool with that.

does this pretty face really need metal in her mouth??

why yes, yes it does.

need a little closer view? here ya go! next time you see these things, they'll be purdy and straight as can be.

you can't even tell, right?

until i flash my grill. that's right. braces are the white version of grills. at least for me. i'm gangsta now.

thank you braces for bringing out my inner gangsta. it is much appreciated.

they don't hurt...yet. i really think my teeth were moving a lot this past week. just trying to move away before they get moved in the right direction. i may have some rebel teeth.

i went to lunch right after i had my appointment, and it wasn't bad. they didn't hurt when i ate, but i did have a hard time eating. i'm going to have to learn how to eat again. i was trying to push food out of them between every bite. not ideal. and not pretty. i'll figure it out. and by the time i do, it will be about time to get them off. but that's ok.

here's the lesson, kids. wear your retainer. i know, it's not cool. it's gross. whatever. but do you really want to be 21+ and having to get braces again? i don't think so. if addison tries to be cool and not wear her's, i'm just going to shove it in her mouth in her sleep. she'll thank me later.

hello kitty

this morning it was chilly. like 60* chilly. i think the high is only 67*, which is cold for this time of year. but it's also been really hot the past few weeks.

the weather changing has really messed me up. i can barely breathe and i feel like someone punched me in the face. not so great. but i do love the cooler weather!

it's not supposed to be this chilly all week, but it's supposed to be decent. not too hot, not too cold. just right!

since it was chilly, i dressed addison warm. i got her an adorable sweater dress thing from h&m during my trip to atlanta, and i couldn't wait until she could wear it. today was the perfect day for it!

i tried to take pictures of her in it this morning, but she was a little busy and didn't want to stay still. these were the best of the ones i took. she was excited to go to school in her new sweater.

i'm actually kind of jealous, i wish i could wear a cute hello kitty sweater still. i think i'm a little old for that though. but addison can, so i'm just going to have her wear it for me :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

c's birthday party

one of addison's friends had a birthday party last weekend. he's just 2 months older than her. there are a bunch of babies i knew that are around her age. c's mom went to middle school with me, and once we both found out we were having babies, we reconnected. c is such a cutie, and he's a true boy. he was running around all over the place. i'm glad i had a girl that i can dress up and i don't have to worry about mud and bugs :)

he didn't want to stop playing to come blow out his candles, but his mommy was able to grab him and he blew the candles out like a champ!

addison was obsessed the bubbles. she would run over to where they were and keep saying 'bubbles" over and over until i got them and blew them. she tried to blow bubbles, but she wasn't able to. we're gonna work on it.

she was people watching a lot. she would just stare at someone who was talking. it was pretty funny.

see. isn't he just adorable?? i remember when he was itty bitty. i can't believe he's 2 already and addison's birthday is just around the corner.

and there she is people watching again! the party was during her morning nap time, so we had a little meltdown when we left. she was super tired, and passed out right when we got home.

i really can't believe addison will be 2 in 2 months. i don't even want to think about planning a birthday party. maybe we can add a few hours to each day so i can have more time to get stuff done. i wish.

Friday, September 24, 2010

finally some tutorials

this giveaway is now closed.

since i only had 4 people comment on my tutorial post, i figured i'd show how to do all of the things (at least the ones i can show you how to do).

first, megan asked how you can put cute fonts on your blog. i learned how to do this from amanda makes amazing fonts, and they're all free! and she also posts lots of great tutorials. she shows how to use custom fonts for post titles/date/sidebar titles here. it's really easy to do, and she recently added some common problems people had and info to help fix all that. i know, i didn't actually write a tutorial, but there was already a great one out there. and now you'll be addicted to her fonts too. you're welcome :)

next, venassa asked how to get a horizontal navigation bar. she was wondering about a regular one and a dropdown one. the dropdown is quite complicated, and i'm still figuring out how to do it, so i'm just going to tell you have to do the regular one! so here we go!

1. from your dashboard, go to design, then click edit html.

2. add this code under right under /* Header*/

#menubar ul li{
background: none;
#menubar ul li{
font-size: 150%;
font-family: century gothic;
border:0px solid #fbcb89;
#menubar li a{
color: #fbcb89;
#menubar li a:visited {
color: #fbcb89;
#menubar li a:hover {
color: #fbcb89;
#menubar {
margin-left: -15px;
margin-bottom: 10px;
border: 0px solid #fbcb89;
text-align: center;
background: none;
height: 30px;
body#layout #main,
body#layout #sidebar {
padding: 0;

3. now you'll want to customize it.

#menubar li a{
color: #fbcb89;

is the color of the link.

#menubar li a:visited {
color: #fbcb89;

is the color of the link once it's been visited.

#menubar li a:hover {
color: #fbcb89;

is the color when you hover over the link.

i usually keep the first 2 the same color and change the hover to a different color. make sure to leave the # and put the color code after it, like it is now.

you can also change the font where it says font-family, you can change the font size where is says font-size (just keep it in %), you can change the margin, which is the distance between the links (only change it in the section where you change the font), and the height in next to bottom section. you can customize more if you want (like the background and the border), but i usually don't and sometimes it requires some html knowledge.

4. ok, now you'll go down to and find this section:

<b:section class="'header'" id="'header'" maxwidgets="'1'" showaddelement="'no'"></b:section>

you can just hit control+f (or command+f if you're on a mac) and paste that in there. you'll replace the 1 with a 4 and the no with a yes. so it should look like this when you're done:

<b:section class="'header'" id="'header'" maxwidgets="'4'" showaddelement="'yes'"></b:section>

5. last, you'll add the widget with the links. if you're still in edit html, make sure to save the changes you made to the html, then click "page elements".

<div id="menubar"><ul><li><a href="URL">TITLE</a></li><li><a href="URL">TITLE</a></li><li><a href="URL">TITLE</a></li><li><a href="URL">TITLE</a></li><li><a href="URL">TITLE</a></li></ul></div><br />

you'll put the url where it says URL, and put whatever you want the link to say on your blog (like home, about, etc) where it says TITLE. if you want to add/delete any, just add/delete

<li><a href="URL">TITLE</a></li>

6. then you'll hit save, and move it right under the header. save the layout, and you'll be done!! you can go in and edit the colors/margin/size after you save it and see what it looks like!

next, mama pea and stayc asked how to get the social networking buttons. i actually made them in photoshop. you can try to make your own if you want though! make sure to make them the right size (so if you're putting them side by side they will all fit). once you've made them, upload them to photobucket. then you'll add a gadget to your sidebar. it will look kind of like the nav bar gadget. here's what you'll add:

<center><a href="URL"><img src="DIRECT LINK" /></a><a href="URL"><img src="DIRECT LINK" /></a><a href="URL"><img src="DIRECT LINK" /></a></center>

there will be a direct link to the image that you can get off of photobucket, and that's what you'll past where it says DIRECT LINK. save that, and then save the layout, and there you go! i sometimes put a few spaces between the images (which would go between the </a> and the <a href="">).

last, stayc asked how you disable your photos from being clicked on to open up your photobucket page or make them larger in a new page. if you're getting your images straight off of photobucket, just use the direct link and not the html. when you go to put it on your blog, you'll do like you did with the social networking buttons. it will be <img src="DIRECT LINK" /> you can add <center> before and </center> after to center the picture. if you upload your photos through blogger, you'll need to edit the html of the post. you'll remove the <a href="LINK"> before the <img src="IMAGE LINK" /> and the </a> after the <img src="IMAGE" />.

i think that's it. i hope that all made sense! if you have any questions/problems, just comment or email me!

oh, and before i forget, since it took me so long to post these, i've decided to give away 2 sets of social networking buttons! each set comes with 3 buttons of your choice (facebook, twitter, subscribe, email, or any others), and are valued at $15 a set!

just comment to enter to win!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wee bit wednesdays

it's wednesday again! i barely have enough hours in the day to get everything done. but i'm taking a few minutes to do this so i won't feel like i've abandoned my blog!

{one} have you ever won a trophy? if yes, for what?
well i have a lot of trophies from playing sports when i was younger. i played softball, soccer, and basketball. i don't know if any of them are from winning. we got trophies for just participating.

{two} what was your favorite subject in school?
definitely math. is it weird that i miss taking math??

{three} what time do you get up in the morning?
around 7/7:30 monday-thursday, and 8/8:30 friday-sunday. oh how i miss the days of sleeping in!

{four} if you could open your own business, what would it be?
i think it'd be fun to continue designing blogs! it would be awesome if i could make living doing it. it would also be pretty neat to be a professional photographer.

{five} if you could spend the evening with one rock star/band, who would it be?
john mayer for sure. he's my favorite. i'd just make him sing to me.

{six} what sitcom character reminds you of you?
this is a hard one. i really don't know.

{seven} what are the 3 most important things to you?
family, friends, and happiness.

{eight} chips or popcorn?
chips. i like popcorn, but i very rarely eat it.

{nine} have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial?
nope. i don't think i've ever been tempted to, either.

{ten} what is one thing that you are grateful for today?
MDO. addison loves it, and it gives me some time to get homework and other things done.

Monday, September 13, 2010

goooooo titans!

since it's football season (finally), chris went out and got addison a really cute titan's outfit. i can't wait to take her to games! i'm not sure if i'll take her this year, but i will next year for sure!

this picture just made me laugh. she looks so serious.

addison got tired of me taking pictures so she closed the doors to keep me out of her playroom. she's sassy already.

i can't wait for the weather to get a little cooler, then it'll be perfect weather for a football game. and hopefully they'll still be winning then!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

getting organized

since starting school, i've been on the hunt for a good day planner. i had one that i really loved a few years ago, but i haven't been able to find one like it anywhere. another problem i've run in to is that they only have planners for 2011, and none for 2010.

my friend told me about lilly pulitzer planners, so i looked them up online. they are super cute! there's a hallmark store downtown that sells them, so i decided to go look at them and possibly get one. best thing, they start in august 2010 and go through december 2011!

they have 3 different patterns. i got the first one (light blue), and i got the large size. there's a small size too. each month has a theme. i now have a planner that makes me happy :) i seriously, think it's the cutest planner ever!

while i was at the hallmark store, i also picked out a really cute cell phone case. i've been wanting to get the white iphone4, but it hasn't come out yet and i who knows when it's going to. i figured i'd get a cute case for my phone so i'll like it until the white one comes out.

they have it in different patterns too. i got the last one of that pattern. apparently they are very popular!

i've decided to not go to that hallmark store often. i ended up getting more than i went in for! and they have a HUGE vera bradley section. i didn't have time to look through it, which was probably a good thing!

and i promise i'll post the tutorials soon. i've started the post, i just need to finish it. writing tutorials is a little harder than i thought it would be!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wee bit wednesdays

it's wednesday! and i'm doing wee bit wednesdays over at my leigh ashley again.

{one} what was your first pet and how did you come up with its name?
the first pet i remember is alfalfa, but i didn't name him. the first pet i named was sassy. i think i named her after the cat from homeward bound.

{two} do you like your ice crushed or cubed?
cubed. but i do love sonic's ice, which is kind of crushed.

{three} do you believe in love at first sight?
ummm not really.

{four} do you have any nicknames?
baiton. my friend made it up in high school. it's the first 3 letters of my first name and the last 3 letters of my last name. only a few people call me that now.

{five} what movie do you never get tired of watching?
the parent trap. i could watch it over and over.

{six} how do you like your eggs cooked?
scrambled with cheese. waffle house makes them the best! lots of cheese :)

{seven} are you named after anyone in particular?
i think i was named after the girl on WKRP in Cincinnati. i actually watched reruns of that show when i was younger. if i was a boy i was going to be Payne, so i'm definitely glad i'm a girl!!

{eight} what are three things that you would like to do that you haven’t done yet?
take a photography class, take addison to the beach, and drive a really expensive car (i just wanna drive one. i don't care about owning one, but that would be nice, too!)

{nine} what one thing always brightens your mood?
addison hugs and kisses.

{ten} what five things will you always find in your purse?
i don't really carry a purse. it's either a diaper bag or my gussy clutch. so i'll do my clutch! it always has my cell phone, ponytail holders, all my debit/credit cards, cash and id (i count all that as 1), my lip stuff, and my keys. exciting, huh?

labor day weekend

i was so excited to just have a nice, low-key weekend. we didn't really have any plans, and i wanted to relax. i didn't get to relax much since i had so much school work to do, but it was still a nice weekend.

saturday my mom's friend had a pool party so addison and i went for a while.

the pool was actually cold. since it's been so hot this summer, the pool has been pretty warm. but saturday it was cold. addison didn't mind though.

i didn't like the cold water so i just sat on the steps and took pictures.

everyone loved addison. she had a friend in the pool that would pick her up and let her jump walk into the pool, with help.

i wasn't feeling very good most of the day. addison and i went home and i tried to relax for a while. i had a horrible headache and ended up having a fever too. it wasn't a very fun night. i went to bed early and had some crazy dreams. they confused me and i think they made my headache even worse. i ended up getting some good sleep without crazy dreams, so that made it a little better. i finally started to feel better later on sunday, and i'm feeling fine now. i just hope i don't feel that way again! it wasn't much fun.