Sunday, September 12, 2010

getting organized

since starting school, i've been on the hunt for a good day planner. i had one that i really loved a few years ago, but i haven't been able to find one like it anywhere. another problem i've run in to is that they only have planners for 2011, and none for 2010.

my friend told me about lilly pulitzer planners, so i looked them up online. they are super cute! there's a hallmark store downtown that sells them, so i decided to go look at them and possibly get one. best thing, they start in august 2010 and go through december 2011!

they have 3 different patterns. i got the first one (light blue), and i got the large size. there's a small size too. each month has a theme. i now have a planner that makes me happy :) i seriously, think it's the cutest planner ever!

while i was at the hallmark store, i also picked out a really cute cell phone case. i've been wanting to get the white iphone4, but it hasn't come out yet and i who knows when it's going to. i figured i'd get a cute case for my phone so i'll like it until the white one comes out.

they have it in different patterns too. i got the last one of that pattern. apparently they are very popular!

i've decided to not go to that hallmark store often. i ended up getting more than i went in for! and they have a HUGE vera bradley section. i didn't have time to look through it, which was probably a good thing!

and i promise i'll post the tutorials soon. i've started the post, i just need to finish it. writing tutorials is a little harder than i thought it would be!