Monday, September 27, 2010

hello kitty

this morning it was chilly. like 60* chilly. i think the high is only 67*, which is cold for this time of year. but it's also been really hot the past few weeks.

the weather changing has really messed me up. i can barely breathe and i feel like someone punched me in the face. not so great. but i do love the cooler weather!

it's not supposed to be this chilly all week, but it's supposed to be decent. not too hot, not too cold. just right!

since it was chilly, i dressed addison warm. i got her an adorable sweater dress thing from h&m during my trip to atlanta, and i couldn't wait until she could wear it. today was the perfect day for it!

i tried to take pictures of her in it this morning, but she was a little busy and didn't want to stay still. these were the best of the ones i took. she was excited to go to school in her new sweater.

i'm actually kind of jealous, i wish i could wear a cute hello kitty sweater still. i think i'm a little old for that though. but addison can, so i'm just going to have her wear it for me :)


Summer said...

I'm kinda jealous too I wishI could still wear a cute hello kitty sweater LOL....although I don't think anyone could rock it as well as little miss Addison and I am lovin' her piggy tails and curl
how presh

Mama Pea said...

i'm jealous too!