Wednesday, September 8, 2010

labor day weekend

i was so excited to just have a nice, low-key weekend. we didn't really have any plans, and i wanted to relax. i didn't get to relax much since i had so much school work to do, but it was still a nice weekend.

saturday my mom's friend had a pool party so addison and i went for a while.

the pool was actually cold. since it's been so hot this summer, the pool has been pretty warm. but saturday it was cold. addison didn't mind though.

i didn't like the cold water so i just sat on the steps and took pictures.

everyone loved addison. she had a friend in the pool that would pick her up and let her jump walk into the pool, with help.

i wasn't feeling very good most of the day. addison and i went home and i tried to relax for a while. i had a horrible headache and ended up having a fever too. it wasn't a very fun night. i went to bed early and had some crazy dreams. they confused me and i think they made my headache even worse. i ended up getting some good sleep without crazy dreams, so that made it a little better. i finally started to feel better later on sunday, and i'm feeling fine now. i just hope i don't feel that way again! it wasn't much fun.