Saturday, September 25, 2010

c's birthday party

one of addison's friends had a birthday party last weekend. he's just 2 months older than her. there are a bunch of babies i knew that are around her age. c's mom went to middle school with me, and once we both found out we were having babies, we reconnected. c is such a cutie, and he's a true boy. he was running around all over the place. i'm glad i had a girl that i can dress up and i don't have to worry about mud and bugs :)

he didn't want to stop playing to come blow out his candles, but his mommy was able to grab him and he blew the candles out like a champ!

addison was obsessed the bubbles. she would run over to where they were and keep saying 'bubbles" over and over until i got them and blew them. she tried to blow bubbles, but she wasn't able to. we're gonna work on it.

she was people watching a lot. she would just stare at someone who was talking. it was pretty funny.

see. isn't he just adorable?? i remember when he was itty bitty. i can't believe he's 2 already and addison's birthday is just around the corner.

and there she is people watching again! the party was during her morning nap time, so we had a little meltdown when we left. she was super tired, and passed out right when we got home.

i really can't believe addison will be 2 in 2 months. i don't even want to think about planning a birthday party. maybe we can add a few hours to each day so i can have more time to get stuff done. i wish.


Chiara said...

What lovely pictures!!! Your little girl is adorable :)