Wednesday, September 29, 2010


a few weeks ago my mom had to pick up her coworkers kids (big p and little p) from school and bring them home to play for a little while. their mom was working late so my mom volunteered. and they love addison.

they are older than addison, but she still loves playing with them. they are the ones she played with at the pool.

big p and little p tried to pick addison up and carry her, but addison is a little dense.

big p was able to hold her for a few minutes. addison looks so big. she didn't really know what to think about it though.

addison has become obsessed with her car lately. she'll pile in her purse and baby and try to go for a ride. but she can't go forward. she only goes back.

big p and little p decided to push her around the house. little p did it for a long time, and addison had a blast.

we're going to plan more playdates with big p and little p. they all had a bunch of fun!

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