Friday, July 30, 2010

friday fives

i had so much fun participating in friday fives over at beth's blog, just me and my life, last week that i decided to do it again this week!!

1. if you could be on a show(talk show, game show...) which one would you pick?

ok, this may sound weird, but i would definitely be on wheel of fortune. it's my favorite game show ever!! and i would win lots of money, cause i'm so good at it!! :)

2. what was your first job?

my first job was at the dollar general market when i was 16. i don't even remember why i decided to work there.

3. what's one of your guilty pleasure?

moose tracks ice cream. or brownies and ice cream. if we have moose tracks or brownies in the house, i usually can't resist. that's why i try to not have it in the house that often! but both are delicious.

4. would you ever vacation alone?

i really don't know if i would. i think it would be fun to go somewhere by myself, but i don't think i'd like to be alone for that long. maybe i'd go somewhere where i knew someone, but i wouldn't stay with them or do lots of things with them. it would just be comforting to know that i knew someone where i was.

5. democrat, republican, or independent..or maybe even green party (whatever that is)?

i don't really get into politics, but the views that i do have lean towards the democrat party. so, i'd have to say i'm a democrat!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

new lens

last week i talked to my dad about getting a new lens for my our camera. i looked online to see what i should get, and i found a lot of info. i read about the 50mm, and found one on amazon and my dad ordered it for me! (yes, i'm spoiled).

it came in last friday, and i've been playing with it a lot! i really like it.

addison loves playing on the computer. she thought she wanted down, but then she decided she wanted to play more.

and then she went for the keyboard. she's pretty talented, actually. she can do things that i don't even know how to do.

we came home and i captured addison harassing the cat.

i love how addison is in focus and everything else is really blurry. that's the reason i picked that lens. i love it!

if you're wondering, it's a 50mm f/1.8 lens. you can find it here.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


this weekend it didn't rain at all.

but that didn't stop addison from wanting to wear her rainboots!

they're in her closet, and whenever i open it to get her clothes, she grabs them and tries to put them on.

saturday my mom and i were going to run to target, and addison really wanted to wear her rainboots. i let her run around in them while i was getting ready, but i was going to put sandals on her before we left. she had other plans though. she screamed when i took those boots off. so i let her wear them.

it felt like over 100 outside that day, so i'm sure her feet were hot. but she didn't care. she loved wearing them. we just went to target so she wasn't in the heat for long. and she even got compliments on her boots!

she really wasn't in to me taking pictures of her, if you couldn't tell.

she got distracted and got her monkey mitt. she loves that thing now.

when we were at target, we picked up a baby doll for addison. it's her first one!

as you can tell, she loves it. the doll came with a little paci, and addison apparently thought it was for her. she stuck it in her mouth like it was her paci. it was too funny. she's a goofy girl.

i'm glad we finally got addison a doll though. she's so sweet to it. she carries it around like a little baby and kisses and hugs it. it's precious.

Monday, July 26, 2010

pretty pigtails

yesterday addison and i went to my grandmother's house for breakfast. we picked up star bagel and took it over there to eat.

i was able to take a few pictures of my cutie before we left...

i just love her hair in pigtails. i think she looks so grown up!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

hello headband

addison has a few headbands that are super cute. only thing is that she won't actually keep them on her head. she wants to take them off and play with them.

she found one of them in her room the other day and put it around her neck, so i put it on her head like a headband. she left it on long enough for me to get a few pictures.

i think the headband makes her look like a little maid. a cute little maid.

then the headband came off and she ran to get her monkey mitt thing.

you know, the 5 little monkeys song? it goes with that. and addison loves when i sing that song, if you can even call it a song. i don't really consider myself a singer, but addison does...for now :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

friday fives

i decided to participate in friday fives over at beth's blog, just me and my life. she's a fellow nashville gal, so i have to give her some love! this week is five things on your wishlist. i really don't need any of it, but a girl can dream, right?

1. underwater camera

this just looks cool. it would be really cool when addison gets older and actually does a lot of swimming.


2. white iphone 4

once it comes out, i'm getting it. although who knows when it's coming out. it was supposed to come out the end of this month, but it has been pushed back again. they haven't said why it's harder to make the white one, but hopefully they get it figured out soon! i love my iphone and can't wait to upgrade to the new one!


3. aviators

my mom and i went sunglass shopping (for her, not me) and i decided that i really need want a pair of aviators. and i love this pair (they're ray bans).


4. boots

i know it's still summer, and really hot outside. but i think i'm going to begin my search for a pair of good boots. i really wish i had some last winter, but i could never find any that i liked (and were in my price range). i like this pair, but they are WAY out of my price range. guess i'll keep looking!


5. louis vuitton

i bought my first louis vuitton for my 18th birthday. i bought the speedy 30. i love it!


if i had a money tree, i would go out and buy this one. i have a thing for big purses, and this would be great because my laptop would fit in it. and some.


well, that was fun! go check out everyone else's friday fives at just me and my life.