Monday, July 5, 2010


yesterday addison and i went to my dad's girlfriend's house for a fourth of july cookout! melanie has a pool, so addison and i were going to do some swimming while we were there.

addison was going to skip her afternoon nap, so i figured the pool would keep her occupied. my mom found this really cool life jacket thing. it's called a puddle jumper. it's really cute! it's kind of like floaties, but it has doesn't have to be inflated and it has a band that goes across addison's chest. it snaps together in the back. it kept her above the water really well! i took some pictures before we got in, but i didn't get a chance to take any while we were in the pool.

my daddy grilling out...

my grandmother, uncle, aunt, and 2 cousins came to the cookout too. my cousin james wanted to get in the hammock...

...and he was successful!

addison was pigging out like usual.

i thought this was a really cute picture. addison was sitting in my uncle's lap with my cousin georgia.

and of course i took a picture of the food. at least the food on the grill. i think everyone thought i was weird for taking so many pictures. too bad :)

we know how much addison loves cats!

then she got scooped up by my dad and he was playing with her...

she wanted to be like us and sit in the big chair all by herself.

if you look really close, you can see the scrapes on addison's knee. she fell 5 times in a row all in the same place. i don't know what her deal was. i put a bandaid on it but she just took it right off.

and she's off.

james and georgia really do love addison. it's really sweet. georgia wanted addison to sit with her, so i put her up there in her lap. addison didn't want to stay very long, but i got a cute picture.

and then one of addison trying to escape.

my dad and my uncle made homemade ice cream. my dad made vanilla and my uncle made swiss mocha. i only had the swiss mocha and it was amazing. i really think i could have had 5 servings of it. but i didn't. addison was running around like a crazy little girl so i just had one cup.

and of course i shared some with addison. once all ours was gone, she ran around to everyone else begging for more. that's my girl :)

we had a fun 4th! and it wore both of us out! hope everyone had a great 4th!!


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Aww she looks SO cute with her hair up!

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