Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MDO gear

before addison started at MDO, i wanted to get her a backpack with her name on it. i looked at a few different places, and found some that i really liked.

i ended up getting one from sha bebe. it is SO cute! i absolutely love it. and it shipped the day after i ordered it!

after i dropped addison off at her first day of MDO, i went and got her a lunch box. i didn't think about getting her one before, but lots of the kids at MDO had them so i thought addison should have one too.

i found this one at target and love it. i just love hello kitty, and i know addison will too :)

my mom also had this really cute cupcake luggage tag, so i put it on there. you know, just in case they forget the hello kitty lunch box belongs to addison.

speaking of belonging to addison, i found these cute little stickers to put on addison's stuff, like her lunch container and juice. of course i ordered some! i don't really know if i'm going to be able to use all of them, but they are super cute!! i got them from doodle bugs paper. i was so excited when they came in the mail. and i can't wait to use them!

addison's going to be the coolest (and most organized) girl at MDO :)


Summer said...

What a stylish little girl :)

Um thanks for the site for that super duper cute backpack! I have been on the search for one for Kelcee with her name on it and I am so gonna have to check out that site!

I heart hello Kitty too what a cute lunch box!

Love the stickers they are so trendy!

Wow Addisin is all stylish with her stuff :)


Sarahlicious said...

Bailey-I need that cupcake luggage tag. Where did mom get it?!?!~Sarah

Jenn said...

Ahh I LOVE her new book bag and I ESPECIALLY love her Hello Kitty lunch box! Leah will be starting Kindergarten next month so I was looking to find a cute embroidery place. Thanks for sharing ;)

Anonymous said...


Mama Pea said...

This stuff is so cute!!!!!!! Am I too old to be jealous?