Monday, July 12, 2010

sock monkey

aren't sock monkeys just so cute? addison has a really cute one that my great aunt gave her.

my friend mary loves sock monkeys. whenever i see a sock monkey, i think of her.

oh, and did i mention she's pregnant? yup. so now she can buy lots of sock monkeys for her little bun in the oven.

a few weeks ago, i saw the cutest sock monkey hat! i've never seen a sock monkey hat before, and i knew i had to get it for mary!

isn't it just so cute?

i got it from mimi's babies.

as soon as it came in the mail, i took it to mary. and she loved it!! i knew she would :) and i can't wait to take pictures of the baby wearing it!!


Summer said...

That is so stinkin' cute! Your a great friend :0) Her little one will look presh in it!

I love sock monkey's too! I had them growing up!! The hubs never had one and I always try to get one for him but he isn't haven't it now LOL

Summer :0)

Haley said...

Ah that's so funny that you posted this today. All weekend long my sister has been on a serious search for a sock monkey for Jacob!

Cristy said...

Aw how adorable! I'm all for putting babies in things that later in life they'll say "MOOOOM...why in the world would you make me wear that?"

Take today for instance, my daughter is in a little jacket that's full of crazy colors and has a hoodie. Yes, I know it's July, but she just looks so cute in it, so I just turned down the air conditioner to make up for it. ; )

Venassa said...

I love sock monkey hats, they are adorable!