Thursday, July 22, 2010


a few weeks ago we got addison some crayons. they have a big, round holder so it's easier to grip. but you can take the actual crayon out. and guess what addison did. she took the crayon out and would play with that more than she would actually color. so that didn't really work out for us.

i picked her up some thick crayons at target the other day and they have been working so much better. she loves drawing. and she also tries to eat them too.

then she got on daddy's phone and drew. phones are so cool!

she's become pretty attached to phones recently. whenever she sees one, she wants it. and she'll scream and cry if she doesn't get it or it gets taken away. hopefully this is just a phase! but i'm sure it will come back with a vengeance when she's older (who knows how old she'll be when she gets a cell phone. seems like little kids are getting cell phones now!)


whitney said...

By the time I graduated, kids in the 5th and 6th grades had cell phones! I got one in the 7th grade, and my child won't be getting one until he/she is old enough to go places and actually NEEDS it.

Cristy said...

I think the really little ones like it because the screen is so bright and the buttons feel fun to play with. It's all fun and games until they put it in their mouths...then you just have a slobbery phone. No fun.