Saturday, July 24, 2010

hello headband

addison has a few headbands that are super cute. only thing is that she won't actually keep them on her head. she wants to take them off and play with them.

she found one of them in her room the other day and put it around her neck, so i put it on her head like a headband. she left it on long enough for me to get a few pictures.

i think the headband makes her look like a little maid. a cute little maid.

then the headband came off and she ran to get her monkey mitt thing.

you know, the 5 little monkeys song? it goes with that. and addison loves when i sing that song, if you can even call it a song. i don't really consider myself a singer, but addison does...for now :)


Summer said...

She is so stinkin' cute bailey! Um I am lovin' her headband....I am into headbands these days to Kelcee had one on today....I think they are just presh....

So is the 5 little monkies song the one where they are jumpin on the bed? LOL I am such a dork but um I'm not sure if I know hahhahahha


Oh ps I took the bath tab tips from Jenn too and Kelcee loves them....she loves the blue the best I think because they are soooo blue and she calls the water the ocean and puts all her sea animals in it hahahahha

Those crayons are awesome my bestie bought Kelcee this Crayola Writing board that suctions to the side of the tub that is super cute to draw on too....

Summer :)