Tuesday, July 6, 2010

cute videos

i've figured out iMovie on my macbook, and it is SO neat!! it was really easy to figure out. i uploaded all of my videos (there were a lot). these are the most recent ones.

addison loves my mom's cat, abercrombie (yes, her cat is named abercrombie. we call him boo boo though). he didn't really like addison at first, and still doesn't really know what to think about her. she loves him though! he hisses at her sometimes and she thinks that's the noise cats make. so she chased him making hissing noises.

i took this video that same day that i took the purse pictures. i wanted to get her on video saying hi. and i did!

and last but not least, addison started kicking her soccer ball the other day!! chris was so excited because he loves soccer. he's counting on her to be a soccer star.