Friday, July 9, 2010

poop in the tub and a slushie spill

so, do you remember when addison peed on the carpet?

well, we had a similar incident last night.

i was giving addison a bath, and all was well. she was splashing a lot as usual.

bath time came to an end, and i was letting the tub drain. i just let addison sit and play until all the water was gone. she started to try and stand up, and i told her no. she proceeded to grab the side of the tub and squat.

and she pooped.

i repeat. she pooped. in the tub.


but at the same time it was hilarious. i was laughing so hard. i even took a picture, but i won't share that with you.

i'm now scared that she's going to continue to poop in the tub. i really hope that doesn't happen though.

now, on to the slushie spill. i mean, it's pretty self explanatory. but i'll tell the whole story.

my mom and i met at tj maxx this afternoon to shop a little. my mom stopped by sonic on the way and picked up a drink for me and an orange slushie for addison.

addison just drank the slushie while in her stroller (i'm kind of wishing we had just put her in a shopping cart now). my mom took addison to look at something while i went to try something on. when i got out, addison was soaked in slushie. if you're familiar with sonic drinks, you'll know that the drink cups are styrofoam. well, addison poked a whole through her cup and it got all. over. her.

my mom had cleaned her up in the bathroom, but she was still orange and nasty. when we left, i took her clothes off and tried to wipe her down, but it didn't really work. she rode home (crying for the first little while) just in her diaper. classy, huh?

i gave her a bath when we got home, and thankfully she didn't poop. but don't think i wasn't scared she was going to. as soon as bath time was over, i picked her up, dried her off extremely quickly, and slapped a diaper on her butt. i should win a prize of something for my quickness. maybe one day there will be a mommy olympics.


Summer said...

LOL girlie,
Kelcee did that once, the poop thing she was playing in the water when she was about Addison's age and um well she pooped! Gross I immediately took her out of the tub cleaned up the poop and drained it and then filled it up with clean water to clean her up again LOL...I was scared she would keep doing it to but I think it grossed her out more than me and she now gets out of the tub and runs to the potty when she has to no worries I doubt Addison will keep doing it....

I wish the cups were better at sonic too....Kelcee loves there slushies and she loves playing with the straw in the cup and she has poked a hole in the cup on our car ride home before and slushie went everywhere, her the carseat sticky sticky sticky, we pulled over and baby wipe bathed her and let her ride home in her diapie and once we got home bath time for sure....

So don't worry it happens to all of us....

Summer :0)

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I tagged you for a little game today, lady!


whitney said...

when i was little my little sister pooped in the tub WHILE i was in there with her. I dont think i have EVER jumped out of the bath so fast!

And about the slushie thing, if you have read my blog we kept 2 3 year olds this weekend and i got them sonic slushies, RED ones, why would i do that? BOTH chloe AND haven poked a hole in their cup.

I wish they would have done it in their carseat, but instead they did it in our apartment floor!