Tuesday, July 27, 2010


this weekend it didn't rain at all.

but that didn't stop addison from wanting to wear her rainboots!

they're in her closet, and whenever i open it to get her clothes, she grabs them and tries to put them on.

saturday my mom and i were going to run to target, and addison really wanted to wear her rainboots. i let her run around in them while i was getting ready, but i was going to put sandals on her before we left. she had other plans though. she screamed when i took those boots off. so i let her wear them.

it felt like over 100 outside that day, so i'm sure her feet were hot. but she didn't care. she loved wearing them. we just went to target so she wasn't in the heat for long. and she even got compliments on her boots!

she really wasn't in to me taking pictures of her, if you couldn't tell.

she got distracted and got her monkey mitt. she loves that thing now.

when we were at target, we picked up a baby doll for addison. it's her first one!

as you can tell, she loves it. the doll came with a little paci, and addison apparently thought it was for her. she stuck it in her mouth like it was her paci. it was too funny. she's a goofy girl.

i'm glad we finally got addison a doll though. she's so sweet to it. she carries it around like a little baby and kisses and hugs it. it's precious.


Amber Dawn said...

Those rainboots are seriously the cutest things ever!!

Lauren said...

aw super cute pictures!!!
i adore your blog!!!

I hope you ladies have a wonderful week!


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