Friday, July 23, 2010

colorful bath

a little while ago i saw these cool bath color things on jenn's blog. i had never even heard of them before. i was going to get some for addison, but i never remembered to get them while we were at the store. i happened to see them the other day, so i bought some! i also bought some bath crayons.



i don't really think addison noticed the color of the water, but she loved her crayon! i just gave her 1 and she colored the whole time. and it was really easy to wipe off!

she took a blue bath last night. the blue is definitely blue! i didn't get any pictures though. definitely makes bath time fun!


Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Ive been wondering about those crayons, if they washed off easily or if they broke apart real easy once they got wet. Good to know they are fun, might have to try those out now :)