Sunday, July 4, 2010

strawberry pie and the fourth of july

seriously. could it get any more country than that?

my mom loves shoney's strawberry pies, so she treated herself to one yesterday. and addison got to eat some for dessert last night!

she made some weird faces when she was waiting for a bite. she doesn't look very happy, but she really liked the pie.

and this is what happens when you get the camera too close to a child with messy fingers...

i think the pie looks really pretty and festive. of course i had to take a picture! (oh, and my mom asked for extra extra extra whipped cream. she has a thing for whipped cream i guess).

they usually do fireworks at the park close to my mom's house, but they didn't do them this year because they didn't have enough money to do it. we were pretty disappointed because this is the first year addison can watch them and kind of know what's going on.

we went to the fireworks at another park, but we parked pretty far away. it was pretty packed because everyone that goes to the fireworks near my mom's went to the other fireworks. we got there right before they started and found a place. they didn't start until 9, which is past addison's bedtime. but she did really good and wasn't fussy at all!

there were a lot of little kids with their parents there to watch the fireworks. there was a little girl that was being kind of fussy, so i took addison out and took her to play with the little girl. the little girl just turned 1, so she's just a little younger than addison. it was really funny watching them interact. i didn't get any pictures of them playing, but here was addison before the fireworks started.

i tried to get some good pictures of the fireworks, but i wasn't really able to. these are the best of the ones i took.

they are having fireworks downtown tonight but i think we'll just watch those on tv. it will be wayyyy too crowded.

hope everyone has a great 4th!!


Jenn said...

Oh my gosh, where did you get her 4th of July outfit from?? SO cute!!

Venassa said...

The pie looks great. I wish I liked pie, but I don't like many fruit.
Love her outfit.