Friday, July 23, 2010

friday fives

i decided to participate in friday fives over at beth's blog, just me and my life. she's a fellow nashville gal, so i have to give her some love! this week is five things on your wishlist. i really don't need any of it, but a girl can dream, right?

1. underwater camera

this just looks cool. it would be really cool when addison gets older and actually does a lot of swimming.


2. white iphone 4

once it comes out, i'm getting it. although who knows when it's coming out. it was supposed to come out the end of this month, but it has been pushed back again. they haven't said why it's harder to make the white one, but hopefully they get it figured out soon! i love my iphone and can't wait to upgrade to the new one!


3. aviators

my mom and i went sunglass shopping (for her, not me) and i decided that i really need want a pair of aviators. and i love this pair (they're ray bans).


4. boots

i know it's still summer, and really hot outside. but i think i'm going to begin my search for a pair of good boots. i really wish i had some last winter, but i could never find any that i liked (and were in my price range). i like this pair, but they are WAY out of my price range. guess i'll keep looking!


5. louis vuitton

i bought my first louis vuitton for my 18th birthday. i bought the speedy 30. i love it!


if i had a money tree, i would go out and buy this one. i have a thing for big purses, and this would be great because my laptop would fit in it. and some.


well, that was fun! go check out everyone else's friday fives at just me and my life.


Beth McC. said...

Of course I am loving your list you have Louis Vuitton on it!!! I want those sunglasses too!! Thanks for doing my Fridays and I am loving your blog!!!

Venassa said...

I just want an iphone in general, but my ex-boyfriend does Apple tech support so I've heard all the bad stories about iphones, and how it'll cost me an arm and a leg if something ever goes wrong. I still may get one though..