Monday, August 30, 2010


this past weekend i took a little mini vacation. my mom really wanted to go to a braves game, so we went! i took my friend jenna, and my mom's friend debbie came and brought her daughter and her friend.

we left friday after lunch and were going to be cutting it pretty close getting to the game. we ended up being a little early, so we stopped at the hotel first (we all shared a room. yes, 6 girls in 1 room. it really wasn't bad though).

we left the hotel about 30 minutes before the game started. i took my camera so i could take some pictures along the way and at the game.

we rode marta to the game. it took a little longer than we expected.

we were an hour late to the game. it wasn't a very big deal though because the braves were losing. jenna and i wanted to get t-shirts, but we didn't find any we liked. we wasted a little time looking for those. we grabbed some expensive ballpark food and headed up to our seats.

we had fun hanging out and watching the game. jenna and i even shared some cotton candy :)

it rained a little towards the end of the game, but we were able to move up a little and be covered so we didn't get wet. it stopped by the time the game ended, so we got lucky!

the next day we planned on shopping all day long, and we did just that. we went to 3 malls and to ikea. debbie's daughter and her friend went to six flags for the day, so there were just 4 of us shopping.

the hotel we stayed at is the one my dad and i always stayed at when we went to atlanta for the 4th of july, so i kind of knew were things were. there were 2 malls really close to the hotel, so we went to those first.

jenna and i made a list of a few places we wanted go to that we don't have around us (nordstrom, h&m, and forever21). we also went to urban outfitters and gap. and i got a really cute pair of boots from steve madden (i've been looking for boots for the longest time). h&m was definitely the best stop. i went to one in chicago a while ago, and i was really excited to go back.

we hit up the varsity for dinner and then we headed home.

it was a very successful trip, and we were all worn out when we got home. we didn't get home until 1am. i missed addison a lot while we were gone. i think it was the longest i have been away from her. and i was gone less than 2 days. she had a lot of fun while i was away though. she stayed with my dad friday night and all day saturday. they had fun playing and bonding :)

we may start making a trip to atlanta every year. and addison can start going with us too!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

playing in the park

the weather is finally getting nice. it isn't 100+ everyday. for now at least. hopefully it will stay this way.

we went to the park the other day and addison had a blast!

she loves swinging. and i love this picture.

after she was done swinging, she was a big girl and got up to the slide and went down it all by herself.

it's hard for me to believe she can play on the playground with little to no help from me. soon she'll be running off with her little buddies and not need me at all (except for the ride to the park and snacks :)).

Monday, August 23, 2010

making friends at the pool

friday night we meet up with my mom's friend and her little girls at the pool.

her girls are older than addison, but they love playing with her. the youngest played for a while, but then swam off. but the oldest stayed with addison the whole time. and some of her friends played with addison too!

see. she was very popular.

addison had so much fun swimming. she stayed in the pool a lot longer since she was getting so much attention from other kids.

they looked especially cute when we were leaving and holding hands.

i just love this picture.

the girls wanted addison to scan the card for us to get out. they helped her hold it up to where it was supposed to be. so sweet.

hopefully we can go to the pool with them again since they all had so much fun.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010


ok, so i've been slacking in the blogging department the past few days. i've been super busy with blogs. i'm trying to get caught up before school starts (which is next week! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!), and it's just been consuming me (during addison's nap time at least).

so, i thought maybe you would want me to do a tutorial of some sort in the blog design department. you can just leave a comment with what you would like to learn how to do, and i'll pick one (or a few) to write about!

you can put anything. anything. i can't guarantee i know how to do it (unless you know for sure that i know how) but if i don't know how, i'll try my best to find out and then give you all the info you need! :)

so what do you think? good idea? it will give me something to blog about, and will benefit you too!

and so i won't leave you without any exciting pictures, here are some of the recent blogs i've done.

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