Saturday, August 7, 2010

what happens on a rainy day

we finally got some rain the other day. and by rain, i mean a full on storm. there was a lot of thunder, but i wasn't that scared. it was during the day, so i was ok :)

it was so hot outside this week that addison and i didn't leave the house much. and we definitely weren't going to go out in the rain. but the rain definitely cooled it down! it felt really icky, but it was cooler.

addison was in one of her moods while we were cooped up inside. it was a crying one second, laughing the next type thing. well, it was more like cry, cry, cry, laugh, cry, cry, cry.

i tried to take some pictures, but she didn't really want to cooperate. she just wanted to play with the camera. these were the only ones i was able to get.

she looks pretty innocent holding her doll...

...but that didn't last long.

and she finally calmed down. she found a toy that didn't make her mad and played with it.

she makes this really cute face whenever she says "ohhhhhhhhh", and i tried to get a picture of her doing it. this was the best i got.

this was another try, but she put her toy in front of her face. fail. but i still thought it was cute!