Friday, August 13, 2010

what's that in the basket?

my granny got addison this adorable dress and i absolutely love it. i think it's just so cute on her!!

i tried to get a good picture of it, but i wasn't very successful. i did get a lot of pictures of addison playing though!

she loves taking her baby to the stairs and reading to her. and when i say reading, i mean talking in her own little language.

i was folding some laundry in between taking pictures, and of course addison wanted to help. she's good at taking everything out of the basket, but after that she isn't much help. she tries to grab everything i've already folded, so i have to watch out for her.

i guess she was tired, because she laid down on the the pile of laundry she made.

and then she decided she wanted to read to her baby more...

then she proceeds to climb into the laundry basket.

and then she fell over. and i laugh and take pictures...

she didn't care that she fell over. she just looked at me like "are you going to help me or what?". and then she went back to doing her own thing in the basket.

and this was the best picture i could get of the dress.

i think she looks so cute (as usual) :)


Summer said...

Hey girlie sorry I haven't commented in awhile, I have been not feeling well! Addison is just as presh as ever...she is growing up so quick! I love her stinkin cute and I have to agree with you that dress on her is beyond presh :0)

What is it with toddler's and laundry baskets? Kelcee is the same way she loves playing in the laundry basket so funny LOL

Summer ;0)

leigh ashley said...

hey bailey... i know you know a lot about this and for some stupid reason i can't figure this one out... i'd like to move my posts closer to the "comments" link at the bottom of my posts. do you know how to do this? i think i may have tried about everything i know how to... thanks!! :)