Thursday, August 12, 2010

diaper child

i don't know why, but addison loves running around naked. ever since the peeing on the carpet incident, i don't let her fun around completely naked. she always has a diaper on. i'm not going to let that happen again. although she doesn't get to run around in just her diaper often either because she has a tendency of taking it off.

she spilled something on her dress right before nap time, so i just let her run around in her diaper until it was time to go upstairs...

...and she had so much fun!

she was a little wild, so i had to take pictures of her running around, which means i didn't get many good ones. she's still cute when she's blurry :)


Bethany said...

too cute!! i am also a fan of just the diaper :)

Haley said...

Haha Jacob does the same thing. He gets so fussy when we try to dress him lol. They let him run aeound naked this past weekend and he ended up peeing in the floor also. We couldn't help but laugh at that :)