Monday, August 9, 2010

love you forever

i'm sure most of you are familiar with the "love you forever" children's book. i remember it from when i was younger, and addison has it too.


i'm not going to lie. the first time i read it to addison i was kind of creeped out. it's a cute and sweet book. but seriously, what old woman climbs up a ladder and rocks her grown son while he's sleeping?

it's still a cute book, addison really likes it. i just thought i'd share that :)

anywho, last night i found myself being like the mom in the book.

addison hasn't been feeling well these past few days. she's had a really stuffy nose and she's been snoring a lot. i thought she may sleep better if she was elevated, so i decided to let her sleep on me last night...

...and i really just wanted to cuddle with her. i've been feeling unwanted lately, and i guess i just needed some cuddle time. i really miss cuddling with her. now that she's older, she doesn't want me to rock her or cuddle or anything. there are some very rare moments when she'll cuddle, but they don't happen often and i enjoy them while they last.

she didn't sleep with me for very long last night though. she wasn't snoring, but she couldn't really get comfortable. i ended up putting her back in her crib. i felt a little bad for getting her up, but i don't think she cared. i think she enjoyed the snuggling too. it was much needed. for me at least.


Natalie said...

I LOVE this book! Aww, everybody needs to cuddle now and then, no matter how old we get :)

Venassa said...

I love this book, but find it a bit creepy as well. Glad I'm not alone on that.
I can relate a tiny bit because I miss holding and cuddling with my nephew now that he's over 2 and would rather run around everywhere.
Hope your little one starts feeling better!

Summer said...

This made me laugh because this is a family tradition book and my mom (mi-mi) gives this to all her childeren and grandchildren and great grandchildren LOL well ya know....hahahahah

Anyways I also thought it was a bit creepy about the mom crawling in her grown sons window....haha

Anywho it must be the season for the sniffles Kelcee had them last night and woke up with a belly ache and vomited once...I do belive from the popcorn she ate....I snuggled with her all is about the only time I get to anymore she is such a busy girl.....
I totally get what you were saying

Summer :0)

Haley said...

Aw this is too sweet. Jacob never wants to cuddle. He's to hyper even when he's sleepy. Glad you got your lil cuddle time :)

brae&joey said...

this is my all time FAVORITE children book!