Tuesday, August 17, 2010

in gigi's shoes

addison loves putting on shoes. especially ones that aren't hers.

she tries to walk around with my flip flops on, and it's pretty funny to watch.

she put my mom's tennis shoes on last night and walked around for a while in them.

then she ran to me...

...and fell.

it wore her out, so she took a juice break. she took the shoes off, but then decided she wanted to have one on.

then she got her book that has the buttons that make noise. she loves that thing. she just sits and flips through it and pushes random buttons.

i've been pretty busy this weekend and i'm going to be busy this week. i'm trying to catch up on blogs and get them finished before school starts. i'll try to still blog some, with pictures of course!


Caitrin said...

such cute, adorable pictures!

PS- people have been loving the design you did for my blog! thank you!

Chelsea said...

Addison is absolutly beautiful!! I look forward to following you and her!