Tuesday, August 10, 2010

just another day at the pool

we haven't been going to to pool as much as we had at the beginning of the summer, but i'm trying to get some good pool days in before school starts back up for me. we went to my mom's friend's pool this weekend and addison had lots of fun.

pookie and i before we left for the pool.

and she was loving on her worm before we left. she has become really attached to it. she loves when it's playing music. even if she's doing something else, she'll run over and push the button just to hear the music. it's pretty funny.

i really love addison's puddle jumper. it keeps her from going face first into the water when she leans forward. the swimmies were good too, but this is a whole lot better.

for some reason addison likes to drink pool water. the pool we were at this weekend is a salt water pool, so it couldn't have tasted very good (not that regular pool water tastes good either). here's addison trying to drink the water. she doesn't do it near as much as she used to, though.

she's actually starting to try to swim. she'll lean forward and try to kick her feet. i can't wait until she can swim really well!

and i just loved her face in this picture. priceless.

she didn't take a nap that morning so she passed out as soon as we got home. the pool really wore her out! i'm not complaining though!