Thursday, August 19, 2010

the final countdown

well, the final countdown is on.

only 7 days until school starts. which is just a week.

only 7 days of summer left. which is just a week.

how did summer just fly by? it feels like it was just last week that summer was starting.

i'm getting excited and nervous about starting at belmont. it's going to be exciting to be at a new school, but it's also going to be a little nerve wracking at the beginning. being in an unfamiliar place. seeing a ton of people i've never seen before. making new friends. meeting new teachers. learning lots.

as i said, exciting and nerve wracking.

i'll be ok though. i think i'm getting more excited than nervous. at least right now. i'm sure next wednesday night i'll be anxious and nervous.

once the first week is over, i'll be just fine. i'll be in a rhythm. all of my day classes are in the same building, so i won't ever have to walk far. and i have a long lunch break, so i'll have time to do homework...and maybe some other (fun) things.

as exciting as it is for me to be starting at a new school, i'm upset that i'm going to be away from addison.

i was spoiled at vol state. i was able to take online classes and the most i was at school was from 9-2, and that was only 1 day a week. the other day i was just there from 9-12. i wasn't really away from her that much.

i couldn't find any online classes at belmont, so i'm going to be in class 2 days a week from 9:30-4:45. that is a long time. and i'm definitely going to be missing addison. i was able to find a monday night class that's just 8 weeks, so that will be nice. i'll be able to get it over with quickly.

also, addison just started at MDO this week. she's going on 2 of the days i don't have class so i'll be able to do homework and get other things done. it's going to be weird not having her all day every day. it makes me sad just thinking about it now.

i'm sure it will be fine though. she'll make new friends and she'll be excited to see me. i think she's been getting tired of being around me all the time. ha!

i'm still in major denial about school starting. i hope this week drags on foreverrrrrrrrrr.


carlotta said...

Summer's over in six days for me...I'm not exactly dreading the start of school, but I'm not really looking forward to it either.

Mama Pea said...

aw. you remind me of this but i bet when you get home and see addison she will have a HUGE welcome for you and be so happy to see you - it'll be the best welcome ever :)