Friday, August 13, 2010

friday fives

this weeks friday fives over at beth's blog, just me and my life, are 5 favorite websites..

1. blogger

come on. you knew this was going to be one! i kind of wish i had a blog my whole life so i could look back on what i did. maybe not my whole life, but from when i got pregnant on. i'm just glad i've been able to keep this one going! and i've loved meeting lots of new people!

2. facebook

oh how i love facebook. i can sit on there for hours. well, maybe not hours. that would be a little much. but i can definitely sucked into it. i usually just browse it on my phone. i've been able to find people that i haven't talked to in a while and catch up. it's pretty nifty!

3. imdb

internet movie database. i get on this at least once a day. i'll see someone in a show and know i've seen them somewhere else, and so i'll get on and look it up! i have the app on my iphone, so it's even easier. and if anyone asks "who's that?" about a tv show, i'll just look it up real quick. i'm a geek :)

4. shop ruche

i recently discovered this website, and i love it! i haven't ordered anything yet, but i'm going to...eventually. they have a lot of cute stuff, and it's reasonably priced. so now you can go shop and be addicted. you're welcome.

5. twitter

twitter really confused me at first, but once i got the hang of it i started to love it! and i still do. i love the app on my iphone. it's so fun to follow different people (and celebrities). and i can update it with pointless things i'm doing throughout the day!