Thursday, August 19, 2010


ok, so i've been slacking in the blogging department the past few days. i've been super busy with blogs. i'm trying to get caught up before school starts (which is next week! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!), and it's just been consuming me (during addison's nap time at least).

so, i thought maybe you would want me to do a tutorial of some sort in the blog design department. you can just leave a comment with what you would like to learn how to do, and i'll pick one (or a few) to write about!

you can put anything. anything. i can't guarantee i know how to do it (unless you know for sure that i know how) but if i don't know how, i'll try my best to find out and then give you all the info you need! :)

so what do you think? good idea? it will give me something to blog about, and will benefit you too!

and so i won't leave you without any exciting pictures, here are some of the recent blogs i've done.

etsy banner


Megan said...

what is the easiest way to put cute fonts on your blog? i've tried to read it up on it but everything i find seems complicated.

Venassa said...

How do you make the link tabs along the top of the blog, especially the drop-down ones like on the Jenny Cookies one.

Mama Pea said...

how do you get pretty buttons for twitter, etc. - like how you have the pretty pink ones here for twitter and feedburner on your blog?

STAYC said...

I would also love to know how you get the cute link - up buttons for twitter and facebook... Or I'd love to know how you disable your photos from being clicked on to open up your photobucket page or make them larger in a new page... if that makes sense?