Monday, August 23, 2010

making friends at the pool

friday night we meet up with my mom's friend and her little girls at the pool.

her girls are older than addison, but they love playing with her. the youngest played for a while, but then swam off. but the oldest stayed with addison the whole time. and some of her friends played with addison too!

see. she was very popular.

addison had so much fun swimming. she stayed in the pool a lot longer since she was getting so much attention from other kids.

they looked especially cute when we were leaving and holding hands.

i just love this picture.

the girls wanted addison to scan the card for us to get out. they helped her hold it up to where it was supposed to be. so sweet.

hopefully we can go to the pool with them again since they all had so much fun.

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Cristy said...

Good for you for getting her in the water nice and early! She seems so comfortable.

Kimberlee said...

She is looking sooooo cute! Great photos. Just got our little diva in the big pool, but we were all in there with her so not pics :(.