Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wee bit wednesdays

i had fun doing my leigh ashley's wee bit wednesdays last week that i decided to do it again!

{one} how would you describe your style?
i don't really know. i like to be comfy. i love dresses and skirts. and sandals. and in the winter, i'm all about leggings. oh, and i love my uggs!

{two} what would your perfect day look like?
i pretty much have my perfect day every day! at least in the summer. i get to stay home with addison and play with her all day. but my perfect day would probably be taking addison to the zoo, park, or science museum and having a fun play day! and then coming home and both of us taking a nice long nap :)

{three} what would be the best workplace perk?
childcare! it would be awesome if there was childcare at work. and it would be even more awesome if it was free! that way i wouldn't have to worry about dropping addison off somewhere and then going to work, and then having to pick her back up. i could just take her to work with me, and i could go see her at lunch! a girl can dream, right?

{four} if you could have the starring role in one movie, which would it be?
this one is really hard. i can't really think of any movie that i'd want to have the starring role in. but i think i would have loved to be in the sound of music. it's seriously one of my favorite movies. it would have been fun to be a part of that and to sing all of the songs. even though i can't really sing :)

{five} what tv show do you wish would go off the air for good?
i'm not a huge fan of the bachelor/bachelorette. call me crazy, but i just don't get into it. and i can't stand csi:miami. so cheesy. i'm sure there are others, but i can't think of them right now.

{six} chocolate or vanilla?
definitely chocolate. i could go for some chocolate right now, actually. i do like vanilla ice cream, but i always eat it with lots of chocolate syrup and maybe even a warm brownie :)

{seven} if you could date any celebrity, who would it be?
hmmmm. do i really have to choose just one? ha! i'd say either bradley cooper, david beckham, channing tatum or zac efron. i really couldn't stand zac efron for a while, but he's nice to look at :)

{eight} if you could have been the author of any book, which would it have been?
i'd probably say the nicholas sparks books. i love them all, and it would be cool to say that i wrote them!

{nine} what's your favorite type of flower?
i'm not really a flower person, but i really like hydrangeas (i had to look it up to see what they were). they're just simple and pretty.

{ten} what do you think is your most attractive feature?
i'd say my hair. i used to only straighten it, but now i leave it curly. it's so easy to fix, and i think it's pretty :)


Haley said...

I seriously bout fell out of my seat when I read number five!! Seriously!?! Ahhhh I love the bachelor(ette)!!!! This saddens me lol.

However I definitely agree with nĂºmero uno! Summer dresses with flip flops is basically the only thing that my summer wardrobe consists of except for work of course :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

I love your perfect day! Enjoy them while the summer lasts.

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Back up Channing Tatum is mine!!!! LOL Loved your answers (besides Bachelor/Bachelorette hating). Hope you have a wonderful day!