Thursday, August 5, 2010

on the prowl and the glow worm

i promised some pictures of addison, and i don't break my promises!!

i took a lot of pictures yesterday, so i'm breaking it up in a few posts. here is the first batch!

addison loves my mom's cat. he's gotten kind of used to her, but he definitely doesn't love her as much as she loves him! she likes to sneak up on him sometimes.

he will let her pet him some, but not very much. she hopped down after he moved.

and let her belly hang out. it's cute at this age. definitely won't be in a few years though!

then she wanted to play with her glow worm. she loves that it lights up and plays music. she can run around with that thing all day.

it's her second baby.

then she took a break to play with mommy's phone. oh, and she can now unlock it. great.

isn't she just the cutest??

there will be even more pictures today and tomorrow...promise!