Saturday, July 30, 2011

week in iphone pics

i'm linking up with amy at a good life again for a week in iphone pics. yay!!


oh monday. addison and i ran some errands monday morning, which included going to michael's and target. when we were leaving target, addison was walking with me to the car. i was holding her hand, of course. she ended up falling, but i didn't realize it. so i ended up stepping on her foot. and i felt horrible. she got a pretty nasty boo boo, but she also got a new doctor kit from toys r us. and she got to wear cute hello kitty bandaids {after the initial fit of not wanting to wear a bandaid}. we went to firehouse for lunch after the incident {kids eat free on monday!!}. then she got a popsicle for dessert. she loves her little popsicles! and of course some playing before bed.


tuesday wasn't too exciting. i was studying for my tests, so addison just chilled with me. we started the morning off playing with playdoh. none of which got eaten, i believe. she really liked when i made one of the sesame street characters and then she got to smush them. we took lunch to my mom and granny and then hung out for a while. and addison got some quality granny cuddle time.


addison was with her daddy on wednesday, so i didn't get any pictures from that. i spent the afternoon by the pool studying before i had to go take my ethics final. so glad that's over!


thursday was a big study day. i had my income tax final that night, so i spent most of the day studying for that. addison was super helpful. she would bring me toy snacks and sit on my back while i studied. i actually really enjoyed that class. maybe i'll go into tax?? who knows. but, i'm also glad that is over.


friday was so nice. i didn't have to worry about any school. amazing. addison and i played all morning. she read books to her babies before it was time for them to go to bed. she would "read" the books, which was hilarious. after each book, she'd say "goodnight!" and then she'd say "one more? ok!" and read another book. she's silly. then we went to play in the fountains after lunch. hendersonville is having some water issues, so the water smelt pretty bad. it has something to do with the heat and blue algae growing in it or something. but other kids were playing and addison didn't drink any, so i'm guessing it was fine. and we weren't there long. it was so hot. we got icees after, which were perfect for cooling us down. then we went to dinner with the fam. great end to the week!

oh ya, did you notice? i'm done with school! for the summer at least. woo hoo! here's too a few weeks school free!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

hello kitty

i kind of love hello kitty.

i don't have a full blown obsession. but it may be close.

i've got addison hooked on hello kitty too. it may be a little more appropriate for her.

a while ago, i got a hello kitty debit card. it was adorable. i always had people tell me how much they liked my card. i loved it.

well, a few weeks ago, i got an email from my bank saying there was some questionable activity on my account.

someone stole my card number and spent most of my money. in florida. at publix and home depot.

apparently there is a string of people's card numbers being stolen in my area.

this is the first {and hopefully only} time this has ever happened to me. the bank was really good about it though. they cancelled my card, gave me a temporary card, and refunded my money.

i got my new card in the mail yesterday.

it's still hello kitty, but it's a little different than my other one. and i don't think it's as cute. which makes me ever more pissed at the people who stole my card number. stupid people.

i was pretty attached to the white with polka dots.

the new one is pretty cute though. i'm sure i'll get used to it and love it just as much as my old one.

hello kitty rant/vent over.

but seriously. who doesn't love hello kitty? hopefully all of you do :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

poor two

have i ever told yall about two?

i honestly can't remember. i think i meant to, but forgot.

in may, when addison first started potty training for real, we were trying to think of a prize to give her when she started to do well.

that prize ended up being a fish.

and what did she name the fish?


we let her pick, so we kind of have to go with what she chose. it's pretty funny, actually.

two has been doing pretty well. addison talks to him {i'm assuming it's a him. just because}. she feeds him. she shows him her toys. she's really sweet to the little fish.

but, there is one member of the family that isn't so sweet.

and that would be the cat.

the cat wasn't really interested at all in the beginning. i thought we may have problems, but there weren't any.

then, the fish bowl water started going down. a lot.

not the little amount that you expect to happen. but like a lot a lot.

then, we caught him {the cat}, hovering over the fish bowl and drinking the water. and pawing at two.

proof of poor two being tormented.

and, just so you can see the amount of water that the cat drinks out, here's a before and after picture. i took the first one right after cleaning his bowl, and then the second one was probably 5 days later.

that's a lot of water!!!

poor two. i think we may put something over the bowl to protect him.

p.s. if you look really close in the first picture of the fish bowl, you may see a picture of me from like 6th grade. nice, right?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

week in iphone pics

i'm linking up with amy at a good life again for a week in iphone pics.


monday morning addison and i went to pick up tickets for britney spears {!!!!!!!}. they went on groupon a few days before the concert for half off, so i scooped some up! but the catch was that you had to go pick them up at will call, where there was quite the line. totally worth it though! and addison made some new friends. we went to lunch at firehouse {where kids eat free on monday}. then it was britney time! there were 3 of us {me, my friend jenna, and my step-sis ali}. nicki minaj opened for her and she was really good. but i especially loved britney! i loved her when i was younger and still do. it was so so much fun!

tuesday, wednesday, and thursday

i slacked and have nothing from tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. i had projects due wednesday and thursday night, so that's all i was doing those days. which is definitely not picture worthy.


friday we went to lunch, then on a little shopping spree. i've been going to the gap outlet so much these past few weeks. there was one in opry mills, which was kind of far away so i wouldn't go that often. and they didn't ever seem to have good things. but once opry flooded, the gap outlet store moved really close to me. not good. so, we went to return stuff and ended up spending more. but everything was on sale, and all the sale stuff was an extra 50% off. we got some good deals! we went to chickfila for dinner {where i ate chicken again. i gave in}. addison traded her toy in for some ice cream. i think that's a better deal because she never plays with the toy. addison has a new favorite thing to do, and it's fake laughing. it's really funny. oh, and after her bath last night, she was calling me girlfriend. like "hey girlfriend" and "look at me girlfriend!". i have no clue where she gets those things.

and that was our week!!

at last

i've been wanting a summer look, but i could never find a kit that i really loved. then i got to thinking "why don't i just do a more simple design?" yes, you were just inside my brain. listening to my thoughts.

so that's exactly what i did. and i stayed up even later last night than i already had so i could put it up.

there are only a few new things. i took away the nav bar and just have my links on the right ----->
i added my pinterest link so you can see all my pins. i love pinterest. but that's a whole different post.

i think that's about it!

sorry i've been slacking on the blogging this past week. 2 projects + summertime doesn't equal fun. it's hard to balance school when i'd rather be hanging out at the pool. but, alas, i have.

good news though! only one more week of summer school left!! 2 tests and i'm free! for a few weeks. then back for the fall. yippee! {i'm kind of excited. not fully, just maybe a little. i do kinda like school. don't tell anyone, though.}

anyways, hope you like the new design!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

week in iphone pics

i tried to be better with taking pictures this week. i wasn't too bad. there was just one day when i didn't get any. i'm getting there!

i'm linking up with amy at a good life again for a week in iphone pics.


monday wasn't too exciting. honestly, i don't remember what all we did. i do know that it was hot. when we went out to run errands i felt like i sweated off about 10 lbs. we got icees after to make up for the weight we lost. that's my story, at least. it was my first icee of the summer. what took me so long to get one? i love those things!


tuesday was balloon animal day. i had to study for a test, so we just hung around the house all day until it was time to go eat mexican. my friend, jenna, joined us for the fun. addison got a monkey this time.


wednesday was the day of my test, so i didn't really do much besides study. addison and i took a break and went to lunch with some of my friends. she loved that {and so did i}. they all went to the pool after, and while that was super tempting, i had to study more. boo school.


thursday was a long day. i went to the gym, then hit up the pool for a little while. we had lunch at chickfila and then we had a tour of a preschool. ugh. when did my baby get so big?? after that, i went to the bank to get a new debit card because someone stole the number of my other one and i had to cancel it. i was not happy about that. and then i had school. like i said, long day. oh, and i got britney spears tickets for monday. they were half off on groupon. cha-ching!


friday was another fun filled day. addison and i were at the pool with some friends for a few hours. she didn't do so well at first, but after we had a lunch break she did great. she got ahold of my friends lipstick when we ran out for lunch, so that resulted in a funny mess. after we got home, addison passed out. she was still tired when it was time to get up from her nap, so we had some cuddles. then she got ice cream for dessert because she ate a good dinner {and she had a lot of ice cream}. she wanted to be a monster after her bath. so cute. "monsters go rawrrrrrrrr!"

that is all. hope everyone had a great week!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

chattanooga aquarium

just a warning, this post is a little picture heavy.

last friday, we went to the aquarium in chattanooga. we had to take chris back to get his car fixed, so we figured we would make a day of it. it was addison's first time at the aquarium and she had a blast!

she wanted to watch a movie on the way down. she actually watched parts of the 3 movies we brought. she was watching gnomeo and juliet at this point.

i played with my camera settings for a while {and took a lot of pictures while experimenting}. i thought the water looked pretty cool in this picture. it took about 500 tries.

there were these 2 turtles that were swimming together and it was pretty funny. the one on top kept clawing the bottom one in the face.

the aquarium has 2 different buildings, so you can take a little break in between. we got some snacks and ate outside. it was so pretty. and addison made some pretty funny faces.

the first room in the 2nd building was the butterfly room. addison LOVES butterflies, so i thought she'd be so excited. there weren't as many butterflies flying around, but i think they were hiding in the trees. one landed on someone's hand, and after they were done showing it off and taking pictures, they put it on my hand. addison loved looking at it but she did not want it on her hand.

after i was done with it, i tried to make it fly away. that thing did not want to let go. i finally got it off by getting it to climb onto a leaf.

addison walked over a vent cover and it made her dress blow up. she loved that and played on there for a few minutes. the things that entertain kids...

the penguins were next. they were pretty cool. i never realized how fast they can swim. they were just flying all over the place. it was pretty impressive.

i think these were sharks swimming around, but i really don't remember.

these crabs were massive.

the jellyfish looked really neat. addison wasn't really interested, but i got to play with the camera and take some pictures of them.

and then a shark swimming right at us. these pictures look kind of scary, but i don't really remember the shark looking so mean. i guess i was just concentrating on taking a picture and not on the huge fish swimming toward me.

and then some random fish to end the trip.

we all had a lot of fun. addison got a seahorse stuffed animal and a little shark toy from the gift shop. she's not spoiled at all.

we grabbed a bite to eat after we left the aquarium and then we headed home.

within 10 minutes on being on the road, she was passed out. i wish i could have been too, because i was worn out. but a passed out child equals a successful trip!