Friday, July 1, 2011

swim lessons - week 2

after last week, we decided to enroll addison in swim lessons again this week. same place, just in the afternoon {that's the only time they had an opening}.

my mom took her again on monday and tuesday. i don't really remember how those days went. my mom didn't really stick around and watch, just because there was no point if addison was going to be upset.

but tuesday, after class, the teachers said addison did really well. my mom watched her towards the end, and there was no crying {from addison, at least}. HUGE improvement.

so, i decided to go wednesday.

oh. my. gosh.

totally different child.

she did AMAZING. so great.

she started to really like one of the teachers, so she would stick with her for most of the class. all last week, addison was floating on her back with a life jacket on. this time, no life jacket at all. she did it all by herself.

she even jumped in the pool and floated by herself. and off the diving board. and she was happy!!!

see? happy child. no crying. paid attention. even laughed!!

she had to go twice yesterday because she couldn't go today. she went in the morning and then in the afternoon to her regular class.

i took her by myself yesterday morning, thinking it would be fine.

well, she wasn't really fine. she cried most of the time. but it was because she had to poop {we have some poop issues around here. by we, i mean she}. but we had that issue resolved by her next class. my mom took her then because i needed to go to school, but my mom said she did fabulous. she sent me 2 videos and they made me so happy!!

here they are. totally different child from last time. the videos are from an iphone so it may be hard to see. especially in the first one.

addison is the one on the diving board. you can see her come up and float all by herself without a life jacket. yay!!! such a big girl.

on the last day, the teachers take the kids diving for rings. since yesterday was addison's last day, her favorite teacher took her diving for rings. they did it just for her since she wasn't going to be there today. so sweet! addison was so excited.

i am SO glad addison finally warmed up to swim lessons. she really had fun the last few days. and she did so well.

i think i'm going to take her back a little later this summer for more lessons. just one more week probably. but they'll start teaching her how to actually swim, which will be really exciting!!