Thursday, July 28, 2011

hello kitty

i kind of love hello kitty.

i don't have a full blown obsession. but it may be close.

i've got addison hooked on hello kitty too. it may be a little more appropriate for her.

a while ago, i got a hello kitty debit card. it was adorable. i always had people tell me how much they liked my card. i loved it.

well, a few weeks ago, i got an email from my bank saying there was some questionable activity on my account.

someone stole my card number and spent most of my money. in florida. at publix and home depot.

apparently there is a string of people's card numbers being stolen in my area.

this is the first {and hopefully only} time this has ever happened to me. the bank was really good about it though. they cancelled my card, gave me a temporary card, and refunded my money.

i got my new card in the mail yesterday.

it's still hello kitty, but it's a little different than my other one. and i don't think it's as cute. which makes me ever more pissed at the people who stole my card number. stupid people.

i was pretty attached to the white with polka dots.

the new one is pretty cute though. i'm sure i'll get used to it and love it just as much as my old one.

hello kitty rant/vent over.

but seriously. who doesn't love hello kitty? hopefully all of you do :)


Mama Pea said...

bummer. same thing recently happened to me. you are never too old for hello kitty!

Beth McC. said...

Well I am just jealous of your super cute Hello Kitty card!! So cute!

Sunday Sisters said...

Yep, Bailey...happened to me too! Sucks! Love the card though!