Saturday, July 23, 2011

at last

i've been wanting a summer look, but i could never find a kit that i really loved. then i got to thinking "why don't i just do a more simple design?" yes, you were just inside my brain. listening to my thoughts.

so that's exactly what i did. and i stayed up even later last night than i already had so i could put it up.

there are only a few new things. i took away the nav bar and just have my links on the right ----->
i added my pinterest link so you can see all my pins. i love pinterest. but that's a whole different post.

i think that's about it!

sorry i've been slacking on the blogging this past week. 2 projects + summertime doesn't equal fun. it's hard to balance school when i'd rather be hanging out at the pool. but, alas, i have.

good news though! only one more week of summer school left!! 2 tests and i'm free! for a few weeks. then back for the fall. yippee! {i'm kind of excited. not fully, just maybe a little. i do kinda like school. don't tell anyone, though.}

anyways, hope you like the new design!


AF wifey said...

I love the simplicity of it! This is exactly what I have been trying to do.

Venassa said...

I love the new look! Clean, simple blog designs are my favorite. I think it's time for me to play around with my look again. I've gotten bored with the current one.