Saturday, July 23, 2011

week in iphone pics

i'm linking up with amy at a good life again for a week in iphone pics.


monday morning addison and i went to pick up tickets for britney spears {!!!!!!!}. they went on groupon a few days before the concert for half off, so i scooped some up! but the catch was that you had to go pick them up at will call, where there was quite the line. totally worth it though! and addison made some new friends. we went to lunch at firehouse {where kids eat free on monday}. then it was britney time! there were 3 of us {me, my friend jenna, and my step-sis ali}. nicki minaj opened for her and she was really good. but i especially loved britney! i loved her when i was younger and still do. it was so so much fun!

tuesday, wednesday, and thursday

i slacked and have nothing from tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. i had projects due wednesday and thursday night, so that's all i was doing those days. which is definitely not picture worthy.


friday we went to lunch, then on a little shopping spree. i've been going to the gap outlet so much these past few weeks. there was one in opry mills, which was kind of far away so i wouldn't go that often. and they didn't ever seem to have good things. but once opry flooded, the gap outlet store moved really close to me. not good. so, we went to return stuff and ended up spending more. but everything was on sale, and all the sale stuff was an extra 50% off. we got some good deals! we went to chickfila for dinner {where i ate chicken again. i gave in}. addison traded her toy in for some ice cream. i think that's a better deal because she never plays with the toy. addison has a new favorite thing to do, and it's fake laughing. it's really funny. oh, and after her bath last night, she was calling me girlfriend. like "hey girlfriend" and "look at me girlfriend!". i have no clue where she gets those things.

and that was our week!!