Wednesday, July 6, 2011

week in iphone pics

i'm a little late with these again. oops! i'm linking up with amy at a good life again for a week in iphone pics.


monday started out with addison double fisting her milk and water. she's a champ. she had swim lessons that afternoon. after her nap, we went to visit granny and addison insisted on pushing granny's wheelchair around her room.


tuesday morning we had a crazy storm. it woke me up pretty early and i almost got in the closet to take cover. but i didn't. part of the tree in the front yard was down though :( addison had swim lessons again, and started to improve!! we made our weekly trip to the mexican restaurant, and this week addison decided to get a giraffe.


well, i kind of slacked for wednesday. we didn't do anything too exciting. addison had swim lessons, and i went with her and my mom. she did so great! then i had class that night, so i didn't do anything thrilling.


thursday addison had to go to swim lessons twice since she was going to miss class on friday. so i took her to the morning class. she didn't do too hot. but she was great for the afternoon class {of course, the one i don't go to!} i had class and a big test that night, so i spent most of the afternoon studying. my mom sent me the second picture while i was in class. addison didn't want to nap so she decided to surround herself with her animals. that girl is a silly one.


friday didn't really go the way i had planned/expected. addison left with her dad to go to savannah for the 4th. it's the first time addison has left, and the longest i've been away from her :( any way, a few hours after they left, chris called and said his car broke down in chattanooga. they were going to fix it, but it was going to be around 2 hours. i was just glad they were ok and were in the city so they could stop somewhere.

i got a call a little bit later, and they don't have the part they need. it won't come in for a week. that wasn't exactly going to work. so, i took my mom's car down to chattanooga {about 2 hours away} so chris could drive that down to savannah. my dad was going to come pick me up in chattanooga and drive me back.

well, the 2 hour drive down turned into around 3.5 hours because there was a really bad wreck and the interstate was closed at one point. needless to say, i got a little emotional. but i finally made it and got to see addison for a little bit. we all got a bite to eat and then chris and addison were off to savannah {7 hours later}. i wondered around hobby lobby and best buy until my dad and stepmom picked me up and then we headed home.

it was all worth it because addison is now having fun on the beach with her daddy. she's coming back tomorrow, though, and i can't wait!! i'm so excited to see her. but i may be a little jealous that she's tanner than me :)