Tuesday, July 12, 2011

chattanooga aquarium

just a warning, this post is a little picture heavy.

last friday, we went to the aquarium in chattanooga. we had to take chris back to get his car fixed, so we figured we would make a day of it. it was addison's first time at the aquarium and she had a blast!

she wanted to watch a movie on the way down. she actually watched parts of the 3 movies we brought. she was watching gnomeo and juliet at this point.

i played with my camera settings for a while {and took a lot of pictures while experimenting}. i thought the water looked pretty cool in this picture. it took about 500 tries.

there were these 2 turtles that were swimming together and it was pretty funny. the one on top kept clawing the bottom one in the face.

the aquarium has 2 different buildings, so you can take a little break in between. we got some snacks and ate outside. it was so pretty. and addison made some pretty funny faces.

the first room in the 2nd building was the butterfly room. addison LOVES butterflies, so i thought she'd be so excited. there weren't as many butterflies flying around, but i think they were hiding in the trees. one landed on someone's hand, and after they were done showing it off and taking pictures, they put it on my hand. addison loved looking at it but she did not want it on her hand.

after i was done with it, i tried to make it fly away. that thing did not want to let go. i finally got it off by getting it to climb onto a leaf.

addison walked over a vent cover and it made her dress blow up. she loved that and played on there for a few minutes. the things that entertain kids...

the penguins were next. they were pretty cool. i never realized how fast they can swim. they were just flying all over the place. it was pretty impressive.

i think these were sharks swimming around, but i really don't remember.

these crabs were massive.

the jellyfish looked really neat. addison wasn't really interested, but i got to play with the camera and take some pictures of them.

and then a shark swimming right at us. these pictures look kind of scary, but i don't really remember the shark looking so mean. i guess i was just concentrating on taking a picture and not on the huge fish swimming toward me.

and then some random fish to end the trip.

we all had a lot of fun. addison got a seahorse stuffed animal and a little shark toy from the gift shop. she's not spoiled at all.

we grabbed a bite to eat after we left the aquarium and then we headed home.

within 10 minutes on being on the road, she was passed out. i wish i could have been too, because i was worn out. but a passed out child equals a successful trip!