Saturday, July 30, 2011

week in iphone pics

i'm linking up with amy at a good life again for a week in iphone pics. yay!!


oh monday. addison and i ran some errands monday morning, which included going to michael's and target. when we were leaving target, addison was walking with me to the car. i was holding her hand, of course. she ended up falling, but i didn't realize it. so i ended up stepping on her foot. and i felt horrible. she got a pretty nasty boo boo, but she also got a new doctor kit from toys r us. and she got to wear cute hello kitty bandaids {after the initial fit of not wanting to wear a bandaid}. we went to firehouse for lunch after the incident {kids eat free on monday!!}. then she got a popsicle for dessert. she loves her little popsicles! and of course some playing before bed.


tuesday wasn't too exciting. i was studying for my tests, so addison just chilled with me. we started the morning off playing with playdoh. none of which got eaten, i believe. she really liked when i made one of the sesame street characters and then she got to smush them. we took lunch to my mom and granny and then hung out for a while. and addison got some quality granny cuddle time.


addison was with her daddy on wednesday, so i didn't get any pictures from that. i spent the afternoon by the pool studying before i had to go take my ethics final. so glad that's over!


thursday was a big study day. i had my income tax final that night, so i spent most of the day studying for that. addison was super helpful. she would bring me toy snacks and sit on my back while i studied. i actually really enjoyed that class. maybe i'll go into tax?? who knows. but, i'm also glad that is over.


friday was so nice. i didn't have to worry about any school. amazing. addison and i played all morning. she read books to her babies before it was time for them to go to bed. she would "read" the books, which was hilarious. after each book, she'd say "goodnight!" and then she'd say "one more? ok!" and read another book. she's silly. then we went to play in the fountains after lunch. hendersonville is having some water issues, so the water smelt pretty bad. it has something to do with the heat and blue algae growing in it or something. but other kids were playing and addison didn't drink any, so i'm guessing it was fine. and we weren't there long. it was so hot. we got icees after, which were perfect for cooling us down. then we went to dinner with the fam. great end to the week!

oh ya, did you notice? i'm done with school! for the summer at least. woo hoo! here's too a few weeks school free!


Cristy said...

YAY for being done with school! I know that feeling ... SO nice! Good for you for working hard with Addison around. I know that is SO hard to do with the kiddos around.

I LOVE the book story ... talking to ourselves huh?

Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh, she's adorable! I love the cuddling with granny. You're so lucky to be close to family.

TryItMom said...

Congrats on finishing your tests! That playdoh pic is precious!