Monday, July 25, 2011

poor two

have i ever told yall about two?

i honestly can't remember. i think i meant to, but forgot.

in may, when addison first started potty training for real, we were trying to think of a prize to give her when she started to do well.

that prize ended up being a fish.

and what did she name the fish?


we let her pick, so we kind of have to go with what she chose. it's pretty funny, actually.

two has been doing pretty well. addison talks to him {i'm assuming it's a him. just because}. she feeds him. she shows him her toys. she's really sweet to the little fish.

but, there is one member of the family that isn't so sweet.

and that would be the cat.

the cat wasn't really interested at all in the beginning. i thought we may have problems, but there weren't any.

then, the fish bowl water started going down. a lot.

not the little amount that you expect to happen. but like a lot a lot.

then, we caught him {the cat}, hovering over the fish bowl and drinking the water. and pawing at two.

proof of poor two being tormented.

and, just so you can see the amount of water that the cat drinks out, here's a before and after picture. i took the first one right after cleaning his bowl, and then the second one was probably 5 days later.

that's a lot of water!!!

poor two. i think we may put something over the bowl to protect him.

p.s. if you look really close in the first picture of the fish bowl, you may see a picture of me from like 6th grade. nice, right?