Monday, May 31, 2010

is there any good kind of crack?

well, let's see...

there's butt crack. in my opinion, it is no good. i hope there is no one who would like to argue with me on that one, but i'm sure there are a few people who are weird and like butt crack. i am not one of them.

there's know, the drug. obviously some people think it's really good. i am not one of them. definitely not.

and then there's the crack that's the reason i'm writing this post. the big, nasty crack in my windshield.

let me start by saying that i have never been in a bad wreck* knock on wood and i've only had one speeding ticket knock on wood, again.

*i've been in 2 wrecks, both of which were my fault. but they were just fender benders, if you would even call them that. neither of them were reported because there was very minor damage done.

i've had a few car issues, but that was mainly with the jeep which my mom now drives. but i love my saturn (which i cried over when i first got it because it was a mom car. and now i'm a mom. guess i had that coming).

well, the other day i was happily driving down the bypass. you know, i was singing and maybe doing a little dancing. then all of the sudden something hits my windshield. it wasn't anything big. maybe just a little rock. it's happened before, but my windshield has never been cracked...until then.

i was so upset. my poor little windshield. but i was really excited because i remembered the commercials for the windshield guys that put the gunk in the crack and it fixes it. so i was thinking that's what i'll do! and it will be good as new!


i pull into my mom's driveway, half sad about the crack and half excited because i was going to have the gunk put in it to fix it. then, out of no where, i hear a little pop. it really wasn't loud at all. and then i look and the little bitty crack wasn't little bitty anymore. it was big. and i wanted to cry. i don't know why, but it just made me really sad. and now whenever i get it my car, i have to look at it.

so, i have concluded that there is NO good kind of crack. crack kills sucks!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

how do i look?

i was getting tired of my other blog design, so i decided to get a new look! i really wanted something summer-y, and i needed to update the pictures in my headers. so i figured i would just redo the whole thing while i was at it!!

i also made a new button, so don't forget to grab it :)

so, how do i look?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

cozy coupe part 2

so we all know how much addison loves her cozy coupe, right?

well, she went out for another ride. she still doesn't really know how to move her feet the right way to make it go, so she relies on us to push her around. hopefully she'll catch on soon...i'm sure she will. she's such a cute driver!

i love how she's leaning out the window. it looks like she's placing her order somewhere. my guess is's our fav :)

when did she get so big? i mean seriously. i can't believe how grown up she looks in this picture. makes me kind of sad that my baby is growing up.

she started just getting in and out of the car. she would open the door, get in, close the door, then immediately open the door back up and get out. it was quite strange.

and then it was time to go back inside. but someone thought otherwise.

when she throws a fit, i just laugh. i promise that no babies were harmed :) she just likes to be a little drama queen sometimes. i wonder where she gets that ;)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

pookie plus pool equals happiness

addison loves bath time, so i was pretty sure she would love the pool.

last year we went to the pool a few times. i wish we would have gone more, but we just didn't. it was hard since she had the helmet and her 2 daily breaks were supposed to only be 30 minutes. she really liked it when we did go, though! she would splash a lot.

this year, since we don't have to worry about a helmet, we're going to go to the pool a lot! we went monday, and addison had a blast. i don't really like taking her to crowded pools, and since a lot of my friends have pools, we don't have to worry about that! and all of my friends love seeing addison :)

i couldn't find her float, so i was planning on just holding her the whole time in the pool. there were few small inner tube things, so we used those instead and addison would sit in there with us.

addison played with maria for a while...

...then she came and played with me!

and she gave me some kisses...

she had so much fun! i'm going to find her float and make sure to take it next time. it was fun having her in a float with me, but she got bored pretty quick. i think if she had been in her own float she would have stayed in the pool a lot longer. but there's always next time...and lots of times after that :)

18 month appointment

addison had her 18 month well visit yesterday and i don't think it could have gone any better! it was probably the best visit we've had.

when we got there, there was only a teenage girl and her dad in the waiting room. it was nice because we didn't have to hold addison the whole time to keep her from exploring. she just walked around a played. we weren't in the waiting room very long, which was another plus for the visit!

here are addison's stats:

she weighs 23 lbs 3 oz (40th percentile),

she's 32 inches tall (70th percentile),

and her head is BIG...19 inches (85th percentile).

the doctor said she is healthy, and she got a smiley face on her chart! we do have to work on her speech. she isn't saying many words (she has her own language that is definitely not english), and she really should be talking more. the doctor gave us a list of games we can play with her to help with it! so hopefully she'll be talking lots soon :)

she did have to get 2 shots, but she has done great with shots the past few times she's had to get them. she'll cry right after she gets the shot, but as soon as i pick her up and hold her, she's fine. she does better than me :)

we don't have to go back until she's 2, and she doesn't have to get any more shots until kindergarten!! yay!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

gender reveal party

last week i went to a friend's gender reveal party! it was so much fun.

mary was just going to have a few friends over and tell us what her and her husband, travis, are expecting. but i talked to her and told her about doing a gender reveal party. i told her about how people could dress up in either blue or pink to show their guess of the gender.

it was a fun little get together. and i ate way too much. i'm glad i left the leftover brownies there. mary's baby needed them :)

chris and travis both thought it was a girl. travis of course already knew, but his original guess was a girl so that's what he was wearing.





...they're having a BOY!

i'm soooooo excited!! i really thought it was a girl, but i was wrong. and that's totally ok by me! i'm so happy for them, and i'm so excited to play with their little boy!

only 3 of the 8 people that were there thought it was a boy.

and here's the 5 of us that thought they were having a boy (mary and travis are in the middle). it's ok that we lost, though. i'm soooo excited for them!!

purple skies

it was really rainy last week, which was kind of a bummer. i still got out a bit, but i did get pretty wet a few times. luckily, the rain doesn't really do much to my curly hair :)

the other night, i was about to feed addison dinner and i happened to look outside. it looked quite strange, but really pretty. everything seemed to have a purple tint.

so, i grabbed my camera and ran outside to take a few quick pics. this one is my favorite.

i didn't use the flash for this picture, but when i was looking at it on the camera, it didn't look that good. i took a few with the flash, but i didn't really like those. this one turned out really pretty (i think)! i guess the rain really does bring some pretty things.

Monday, May 24, 2010

cozy coupe

addison got her first car this weekend...

...don't worry. it's not a real car. but she certainly thinks so.

my mom got it from a yard sale (surprise, surprise). addison hasn't really caught on to how you make it go, but she really enjoyed sitting in it and being pushed around! and i enjoyed taking lots of pictures of her. she just looked so cute, as usual!

her hair is so curly. i absolutely love it.

and she threw a fit when she had to finally get out of it. i think we have another obsession on our hands. just like the wagon.