Tuesday, May 25, 2010

purple skies

it was really rainy last week, which was kind of a bummer. i still got out a bit, but i did get pretty wet a few times. luckily, the rain doesn't really do much to my curly hair :)

the other night, i was about to feed addison dinner and i happened to look outside. it looked quite strange, but really pretty. everything seemed to have a purple tint.

so, i grabbed my camera and ran outside to take a few quick pics. this one is my favorite.

i didn't use the flash for this picture, but when i was looking at it on the camera, it didn't look that good. i took a few with the flash, but i didn't really like those. this one turned out really pretty (i think)! i guess the rain really does bring some pretty things.


Mrs. Lopez said...

Beautiful Pic!

leigh ashley said...

i love when they sky turns amazing colors! beautiful photo, bailey!

Jenn said...

Beautiful pic!

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Colorful sky, beautiful picture.