Monday, May 10, 2010


i'm from the south, and i think it's kind of funny to say tri-cycle instead of tricycle. like with a really southern accent, say tri then cycle. i know. i'm weird.

anywho, my mom got addison this really cool tricycle at a yard sale a few weeks ago. it has a handle on the back so that it can be pushed easily (until the child can actually use the pedals).

addison was ready to roll.

as you can tell, she really enjoyed riding her tricycle.

i love how you can see her teeth in this picture! she looks like such a big girl :)

addison really loves being outside. she cried when i picked her up off of her tricycle. i let her swing for a while, so she wasn't upset when we finally went inside. i'm glad she likes being outside!


Summer said...

Addison is to cute bailey her dress is just adorable and I am lovin the piggy tails! Um I want that tricycle LOL....We bought Kelcee one and she still doesn't know how to peddle well yet so we end up bending over and pushing it and girly that handle looks super amazing....what brand it that? I just may have to buy one ha! ha!

Love the pics
Hope you had a great mother's day....your a great mommy you deserve it :0)

Summer ;0)

aimymichelle said...

goodness she is so adorable

leigh ashley said...

oh my goodness... how cute is addison in those little glasses! adorable!!

Anonymous said...

adorable, I love the picture with the sunglasses & the pigtails make me miss when my daughter was a baby!

Jenn said...

Oh my gosh, she looks SOOO cute in that first picture with her sunglasses and her ponytails!!

crush. blog said...

WHAT a cutie!!!!

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