Friday, May 21, 2010

18 months

addison, it's so hard to believe that you're 18 months old today. it seems like just yesterday you were a little bitty baby.

what are you up to these days?


...weigh a little more than 25 lbs (i think). we go to the doctor next week for your 18 month well visit, so i'll find out all of your stats then. and i'm sure you'll get some shots. sorry in advance!!

...wear size 4 diapers. i think you're almost to size 5, but not quite there yet.

...wear size 18/24 month and 2T clothes. and boy do you have a lot of them! your closet is packed, and i'm kind of jealous :)

...are walking everywhere. you've started to run some too. it's pretty funny, actually. you never crawl, except on some very rare and random occasions. to dance. every time you hear music, you start dancing. it's so cute! even if there's no music, if someone says "dance", you'll dance!

...don't talk very much. you haven't really learned many words, but we're working on that! i'm sure you'll be chatty very soon.

...still love to eat. but i think you're ready to start eating new things, which we are going to start soon!

...are still on your same sleeping schedule. you pretty much always take your morning nap, but your afternoon nap is hit or miss.

...have 12 teeth!! 4 in the front on top, 4 in the front on the bottom, and your top and bottom molars! you were great when you got all of your teeth! you got a fever when you got your molars, but it only lasted a day each time, so it wasn't bad at all.

you have become quite the big girl. i love the age that you're at, but i'm so excited to continue to watch you grow. i love you pookie!


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