Sunday, May 2, 2010

water water everywhere

it started raining yesterday morning, and hasn't stopped since.

it rained all day and all night. and it's still raining now.

i really didn't think anything of it yesterday afternoon. it was just raining, and it didn't really seem that bad. but i started watching the news and it was really bad. there was a lot of flooding (yesterday afternoon...and it's still raining). so obviously the flooding has gotten a whole lot worse.

my mom and 2 of her friends were going to see jimmy buffett last night (my mom loves jimmy buffett). one of her friends that was supposed to go actually couldn't because the interstate was closed. it was flooded. how does that happen? i still don't see how it happened, but it was a scary scene. it's not close to where i am, but it was still scary to see that.

yup. that's the interstate. people were rescued out of their cars. crazy, huh?

this is a road pretty close to my grandmother's house. this was yesterday. a car was stranded and the people had to be rescued.

a lot of roads are flooded close to where i am. i drove home this morning and it took me a few tries to get home. i tried one way and the roads were flooded, and the other way i was going to go was flooded too. luckily i was able to cut through a neighborhood and i got home ok. i was really scared while i was driving though. there is one area that floods bad when it rains, but it hasn't flooded in quite a while. the houses were almost completely under water when i drove by. it was pretty surreal. that's the one area that i had to drive through standing water, which really scared me. but other cars had in front of me made it through fine, so i slowly went.

i wish i had taken some pictures to show you really how bad it is, but i didn't think to at the time. i just wanted to get home. i've thought about leaving to go take pictures, but i really don't want to go anywhere near the flooded roads. the only place i can go is publix because everything else is flooded. the way i got home (when i drove through the standing water) is probably even higher now, so that's not an option. good thing was have lots of food!

the road right by where i went to high school has a creek by it and the creek sometimes got really high but i don't really remember it ever flooding over the bridge. my mom told me that 2 teens were swept away on the road and were missing, but i just read that they had been rescued. it's just scary to think that this is happening so close.

the rain is supposed to stop soon, and i'm really hoping it does. nothing like this has happened here (at least that i remember), but i'm hoping it doesn't take long for the water to go down and everything to get back to normal.


Amy said...

This happened to my town in 2004 with the reminants of Hurricane Ivan. It was crazy to see cars and even buildings covered by water.

Summer said...

Oh my goodness that looks terrible scary! Eeeek on the flooded interstate that is just surreal! I can't imagaine just driving along and have to be rescued from your car on the interstate! You be careful driving girlie! We don't need to see pics of it....we want you safe.... :)

Sorry I have been MIA for like a week just got back from JHU last night! Missed "talking" to ya!

Hope you are having a great weekend and I hope that the flooding stops soon

Summer ;0)

Haley said...

I've been stuck in the house for two days straight now!! They mentioned that it hasn't been this bad since the flood in the 70's... But my dad seems to recall this being a lot worse. Who knows! Happy your safe and sound though !

I noticed your pics are from channel 4....omg Josh looked SO hot lol scruffy definately works for him!! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

found your blog through depressionandconfessions - love your work!

Jenn said...

Oh my gosh! I saw that on the news last night, that IS crazy!

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Glad you and your family are safe, honey. Keep us updated.