Tuesday, May 4, 2010

flood pictures

these are some pictures i took yesterday. i'm probably going to take some more today, and i'll share those later.

this is the park across the street (moss wright for anyone familiar with the area...aka haley)

this is a baseball field off in the distance (as soon as we got in the park, they asked us to leave because they said the water was rising so this is the only picture i got actually in the park)...

the road right outside the park is one i drive down every day, but it has been flooded to where you can't drive past our neighborhood. but we walked down the road so i could take some pictures of the park and of the flooded road. here are more pictures of the park...

that's where the soccer fields are. that's the roof of the concession stand.

this is the street that's flooded. you can't even see any of the street on the other side...

that's a house on the road. the water is up to the doorstep. i'm not sure if it was flooded or not.

if you look in the distance, you can see a boat. the neighborhood that's connect to mine was flooded, and some people were taken out by boat. luckily the water has gone down there and most of them can get out now.

addison and i took a trip to my dad's house to take some pictures of the flooding over there. i took some pictures of her (just wanted to brighten the mood after looking at flood pictures).

these are houses very close to my dad's. the end of the cul de sacs are flooded.

a part of the road that goes all around the neighborhood was flooded...

and that's it for now. hopefully the next batch of pictures won't be as bad. the water has gone down at the park and in the neighborhood by mine. it's still just crazy to think this happened here.