Wednesday, May 5, 2010

more flood pictures

ok, i'm gonna go ahead and warn you. there are a lot of pictures. a lot. you can see the pictures that i took sunday here.

first off, when did she get so big? i put her hair in pig tails and she immediately looked so much older. but still as cute as ever!

the park. it's still flooded, but it's gone down quite a bit (or at least i think so).

this is the same road, but the flooding has gone down some. you still can't drive (obviously).

you can see that it went down by the house. you can now see the mailbox and the speed limit sign.

you can kind of see the other side of the road (if you look very closely).

and this is the golf course. the flooding went down enough for us to drive through it (and for me to take pictures). just so you can get an idea, there shouldn't be any water.

that was a little pond. but it wasn't near as big as that. there were a few holes around the pond i think (and you can't see them).

this is the road to the gated community, which was totally flooded. it has gone down, but only big trucks can get through. a few went through while i was taking pics, and it made me extremely nervous. but i'm just glad they actually made it through.

the pool...

and someone didn't want to get back in the car...

this is the other side of the road (when i said you could see the other side a few pictures ago, that's where this is from).

and all of this water shouldn't be there.

and this is as far you can go down that road. you still can't get out that way, but you can get out the other way (how we've been leaving). this was where i drove through the water (when i was really nervous). but obviously it wasn't this bad when i drove through. if i had tried, i would be stranded like that car that's in there.

that's a house. see the roof?

and here are some deer. they got displaced too.

and that's it for now. i might update with more pics every day, but not near as much as i've posted this time and the time before!