Monday, May 31, 2010

is there any good kind of crack?

well, let's see...

there's butt crack. in my opinion, it is no good. i hope there is no one who would like to argue with me on that one, but i'm sure there are a few people who are weird and like butt crack. i am not one of them.

there's know, the drug. obviously some people think it's really good. i am not one of them. definitely not.

and then there's the crack that's the reason i'm writing this post. the big, nasty crack in my windshield.

let me start by saying that i have never been in a bad wreck* knock on wood and i've only had one speeding ticket knock on wood, again.

*i've been in 2 wrecks, both of which were my fault. but they were just fender benders, if you would even call them that. neither of them were reported because there was very minor damage done.

i've had a few car issues, but that was mainly with the jeep which my mom now drives. but i love my saturn (which i cried over when i first got it because it was a mom car. and now i'm a mom. guess i had that coming).

well, the other day i was happily driving down the bypass. you know, i was singing and maybe doing a little dancing. then all of the sudden something hits my windshield. it wasn't anything big. maybe just a little rock. it's happened before, but my windshield has never been cracked...until then.

i was so upset. my poor little windshield. but i was really excited because i remembered the commercials for the windshield guys that put the gunk in the crack and it fixes it. so i was thinking that's what i'll do! and it will be good as new!


i pull into my mom's driveway, half sad about the crack and half excited because i was going to have the gunk put in it to fix it. then, out of no where, i hear a little pop. it really wasn't loud at all. and then i look and the little bitty crack wasn't little bitty anymore. it was big. and i wanted to cry. i don't know why, but it just made me really sad. and now whenever i get it my car, i have to look at it.

so, i have concluded that there is NO good kind of crack. crack kills sucks!!!