Thursday, May 27, 2010

cozy coupe part 2

so we all know how much addison loves her cozy coupe, right?

well, she went out for another ride. she still doesn't really know how to move her feet the right way to make it go, so she relies on us to push her around. hopefully she'll catch on soon...i'm sure she will. she's such a cute driver!

i love how she's leaning out the window. it looks like she's placing her order somewhere. my guess is's our fav :)

when did she get so big? i mean seriously. i can't believe how grown up she looks in this picture. makes me kind of sad that my baby is growing up.

she started just getting in and out of the car. she would open the door, get in, close the door, then immediately open the door back up and get out. it was quite strange.

and then it was time to go back inside. but someone thought otherwise.

when she throws a fit, i just laugh. i promise that no babies were harmed :) she just likes to be a little drama queen sometimes. i wonder where she gets that ;)


aimymichelle said...

cute even when shes mad!